Sciforma is a very powerful software allowing you to define your own processes and data-views and extend your data model, without having to do any configuration. Each client can benefit from a configuration entirely adapted to his or her needs. To facilitate the creation and maintenance of that configuration, Sciforma offers a very powerful tool: the extensions. A solution is an out-of-the-box configuration, ready to be used.

As is the case with smart phone apps, Sciforma Extensions are easy to install, easy to update and are compatible with each other. Sciforma's Extensions are suitable for different functional purposes: IT, R&D, Professional Service, Public Sector, or methodological purposes: Agile, PRINCE2, Critical Chain, Phase-Gate, PMBok. Tested, supported and updated by Sciforma, each Extension is composed of a series of user-friendly screens, available with any device, including your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Project Management Solutions


Sciforma 7.0 can communicate simply and easily with your information system either using the Application Programmable Interface (API) or Data Views provided with the software.


Build your own processes & workflows

User defined workflows might describe the multiple “states” that a Project, Document, Issue or any user defined object might be in and the actions that link those states together. Access control and additional settings can be configured while the object is in a given state. Approval rules and conditions can be set up to determine if a state change can take place. On each state change, the series of operations to execute can be customized to ensure that the business rules are applied, to keep history records or simply to send emails informing stakeholders of the state change.


Sciforma software provides a complete set of tools for scheduling projects and managing portfolios along with the unlimited data reporting and output capabilities that are offered. Whether data is saved in Sciforma or elsewhere, stakeholders are a click away from consolidated dashboards providing a detailed or summarized status of projects, portfolios and resources.

Project Management reports