EPPM: Why You Need it and What it Can Do For Your Organization


London, 18 December 2015 -In case you're not familiar with EPPM, it stands for Enterprise Project Portfolio Management or Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management...which have basically the same meaning with terms reversed. An Enterprise Project Portfolio Management process or tool enables project-driven organizations to intelligently manage their programs and projects - from small and simple to large and complex.

An EPPM aids structure, planning and organization

Think chaos vs. organization. Think small venture vs. enterprise wide awareness. Think shot in the dark decision-making vs. wise, informed decisions based on comparison of instantly available project information. An organization of any significant size with many projects running simultaneously can't succeed by randomly assigning their projects to and having the projects run by whatever or whoever happens to be available. No, if you want success by planning and not by luck to be an ongoing part of your organization and how you serve your valuable project clients, then planning...and a planning/management tool...is the way you should purpose to go.

Incorporating an enterprise project portfolio management tool into your project management infrastructure can help get you to the point of structure, organized management of your projects, make good decisions on what projects to take on, and report across all projects to your executive level management.

In general, here is what a good EPPM can do for you...

Summary / call for input
In summary, the enterprise project portfolio management process – whether it's a tool, a process or a concept – is something every organization can benefit from. It will help the organization move forward with the projects it should be acting on, discarding the projects that serve no value to the company's growth and direction, and plan for the highest realization of revenue and profitability for the projects it takes on....all with an eye on resource allocation and collaboration.

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