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November 7, 2016
Sciforma Introduces New Portfolio Management Dashboard at PMO Symposium 2016
"The dashboard, called Portfolio Status Overview (PSO), gives portfolio managers and project management offices (PMO) an overview and a single point of entry for quickly assessing details, trends and issues for all ongoing projects."

September 9, 2016
PPM Leader Sciforma's First International Symposium Will Welcome Hundreds of Worldwide Customers to Paris, 13-15 September 2016
"Sciforma's Paris symposium will provide an interactive, hands-on forum where customers can learn both from Sciforma experts and from each other about both new and proven PPM tools and techniques."

July 25, 2016
5 Reasons Why You Should Try Sciforma for Your Project Management Solution, by Brad Egeland
"This tool truly fits the needs of all the key project management decision makers in the organization: PMO leadership, project managers, IT directors and CIOs, and senior management."

Feb 24, 2016
Sciforma recognized as the Champion in Info-Tech Research Group Mid-Market High Maturity Use Case and receives the Best Overall Value Award
"Info-Tech Research Group listed Sciforma as the Champion in the Mid-Market High Maturity Category as well as a Leader in the Mid-Market Moderate Maturity and the Large Enterprise categories. To top it off, Info-Tech Research Group bestowed Sciforma the Best OverallValue Award in all three markets."

Feb 10, 2016
Sciforma to Release its New Project Scheduler
"Sciforma designed an unique, intuitive, simple and yet powerful interface allowing the Project Managers to access all the features they need to create the Task outline, assign and control Resources, identify and solve scheduling problems, manage Risks and more. All, in one place."


September 25, 2015
Sciforma, Top 5 PM Software with Dynamic Gantt Charts
"Sciforma has powerful features, including a Dynamic Gantt chart, that enable project managers to administer all aspects of project, resource, risk and change management. Its interactive Gantt chart allows users to schedule a project and its tasks easily. Users can start with a template with predefined tasks that can also be customized."

August 24, 2015
6 of the Best Enterprise Project Management Software
by Capterra Project Management Blog.

May 19, 2015
Sciforma review by
"Sciforma is highly flexible and can meet any project and portfolio management requirements."

April 20, 2015
Getapp Review of Sciforma 7
"The purpose of Sciforma is to help companies reduce risk and maximize benefits. The project and portfolio management software provides organizations with the necessary tools to align their projects to management strategy and improves project success rates overall."

April 2, 2015
Sciforma Reveals Version 7
Sciforma, one of the world leaders in web-based project and portfolio management software for IT, R&D, Professional Services, and public sector projects, has unveiled Sciforma 7.


April 16, 2014
Sciforma Receives Value Award from the Info-Tech Research Group
Info-Tech Research Group reviews vendors in the technology marketplace by assessing the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise. Info-Tech Research Group focuses on those vendors that offer broad capabilities across multiple platforms and have a strong market presence and/or reputation among large enterprises.

April 4, 2014
Sciforma 6.0: Steve Cotterell reviews the latest version of this PPM system and notes a number of significant and useful developments.
"A PPM system, undergoing a host of changes that are making it available to users of portable devices and that are enabling it to manage projects and processes using a range of appropriate methodologies." - Project Manager Today Magazine, Software Review

February 05, 2014
Sciforma Unveils Version 6.0!
Sciforma, a world leader in web-based project management and project portfolio solution development, has unveiled Sciforma 6.0. In this mobile era with more companies going global, Sciforma 6.0 is geared to meet these ever changing needs.


November 29, 2013
ArcelorMittal France has rationalised and standardised its project management with Sciforma
"Using Sciforma has enabled us to make progress in several areas, activity recording, project initiation, scheduling, workflow traceability, managing maintenance activities and reporting. We now have a solid base to extend the solution and cover new requirements such as managing quotes, functional demands or integrating the solution with other internal systems" concludes Laurent Baudouin - Support, Methods, Tools, Projects, NPEC department, ArcelorMittal France, Fos-Sur-Mer.

July 8, 2013
Sciforma engaged by LFB to standardize and optimize its project management.
Sciforma has become the project management standard for the LFB Group, a French biopharmaceutical laboratory specializing in therapeutic proteins. Sciforma is supplying LFB with project, portfolio and resource management for its different departments.

March 19, 2013
Sciforma inoculates the Transgene group's project management.
Sciforma announced today that its solution has become the consolidated management platform for Transgene, a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that designs and develops immunotherapeutic products to treat cancers and infectious diseases.


December 14, 2012
Sciforma's PSNext Makes Life Easier At Yorkshire Building Society
Yorkshire Building Society is the second largest building society in the UK, with 3.5 million members and assets of approximately £33 billion. Yorkshire Building Society choose Sciforma's PSNext to manage their entire project portfolio.

June 27, 2012
Sciforma Integrates with Yammer to Offer New Integrated Social Networking and Project Management Platform
Sciforma today announced a partnership with Yammer Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Social Networks, to provide an expanded PPM solution integrating a real-time communication and collaboration platform, allowing the latest project information to be easily shared across an entire company.

March 6, 2012
Sciforma Introduces Critical Chain Project Management for Faster and More Timely Project Completion
Sciforma today announced the implementation of robust Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Methodology into Sciforma 4.0. CCPM is a single- or multi-project planning, execution and management approach which emphasizes resource utilization rather than individual task absolute start and stop times.

February 5, 2012
Sciforma Selected by NETGEAR, Inc. for Global Project and Portfolio Management
Sciforma is proud to announce that its Project and Portfolio Management tool has been adopted by NETGEAR, Inc., a global networking company that delivers innovative home networking, storage, security and digital media products to consumers, businesses and service providers.

January 12, 2012
Sciforma 4.0 software earns positive rating by leading analyst firm
Sciforma Corporation today announced that its Sciforma 4.0 project and portfolio management (PPM) software has earned a Positive rating by Gartner. The Gartner report, "MarketScope for Project and Portfolio Management Applications," examined 30 key players in the PPM market. The research included analysis of PPM software products that can support many different PPM scenarios, including, but not limited to, PPM for IT departments.


July 19, 2011
Sciforma’s Project and Portfolio Management Software Adopted by Canadian Government Business Enterprise
Sciforma Corporation, the Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) technology, is proud to announce that its Project and Portfolio Management software has been adopted by Societe De Transport De Montreal (STM), a large public transit government business enterprise in Montreal, Canada.

April 18, 2011
Sciforma Announces Inaugural User Group Event for U.S. and Canadian Customers
Sciforma today announced that its first user group event, for U.S. and Canadian customers, will take place on April 21 via an online webinar. The three-hour event will examine the new features of the upcoming fourth release of Sciforma's software, and provide an overview of a new user collaborative platform.

March 28, 2011
Sciforma Sponsors Report Validating The Importance Of Project And Portfolio Management Software
Sciforma sponsored a report by Aberdeen Group, a leading provider of fact-based research on 'Project portfolio management: Selecting the right projects for optimal investment opportunity.'


October 09, 2009
What's Next For PSNext? Sciforma Delivers Greater Power, Flexibility, Ease Of Use
Sciforma has raised the competitive bar with its latest version of PSNext, incorporating a range of powerful, new features while maintaining its proven reputation for ease of use with more than 250,000 customers worldwide.

October 06, 2009
Sciforma Now PMI Registered Education Provider
Sciforma has been selected by the prestigious Project Management Institute (PMI) to become a Registered Education Provider (REP).

July 16, 2009
Free Sciforma Webinars Offer Fast Ramp To Project Management Excellence
Sciforma is sponsoring a series of free webinars over the coming months that promise to streamline any company's organization while maximizing productivity and profit.

July 13, 2009
Sciforma Recognized as PPM "Visionary" by Gartner
Gartner, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry, has named Sciforma Corporation a “Visionary” company in its recently released Magic Quadrant report on IT Project and Portfolio Management products.

Other Articles


January 12, 2017
These myths about strategic execution are costing you your next project, by Maurya Rieder
"More than 80% of managers say that their goals are limited in number, specific, and measurable and that they have the funds needed to achieve them. If most companies are doing everything right in terms of alignment, why are they struggling to execute their strategies?"

January 4, 2017
How do projects, programmes and portfolios interact for business success?, by Rebecca Leadbitter
"While we shuffle them around as management priorities, it’s vitally important to long term organisational success to have a look at how our projects, programmes and portfolios are interacting, especially if you’re a project oriented business."


December 12, 2016
Agile or Waterfall - Why you don't have to choose anymore
"Are you using Agile, Waterfall or both? More and more Project Manager’s are embracing both Agile or Waterfall approaches and starting to combine elements of both, in search of the optimum combination. Whether you call it ‘Bimodal’, ‘Hybrid’ or just common sense, the old dividing lines are slowly disappearing."

November 28, 2016
Why Demand Management is your secret weapon for business decision making, by Rebecca Leadbitter
"One of the most important decisions that business leaders need to make on a regular basis is how to invest valuable resources. With limited resources available at any one time there are always plenty of options for how to invest, all with their own unique pros and cons."

November 2, 2016
Does your Project Management Tool stack up? 15 ways to know right now: Part 2, by Maurya Rieder
"The best PPM software will let you define projects by planning, organising and managing deliverables, resources and cost items between projects and within portfolios to ensure a successful outcome."

October 28, 2016
Does your Project Management Tool stack up? 15 ways to know right now: Part 1, by Maurya Rieder
"Whether you need to handle complex workloads, easily track and analyse results or gain the tools to get the most out of your team, here is the first part to my two-part post on features of an amazing PPM system that are guaranteed to help make every enterprise project a success."

October 27, 2016
How can I demonstrate the value of PPM to senior leaders?, by Rebecca Leadbitter
"It’s essential for project managers and the PMO to be able to demonstrate the strategic value of PPM to senior leaders as well as the wider organisation as it can sometimes be a confusing system for stakeholders to buy into."

October 21, 2016
Simple ways to handle a complex portfolio, by Maurya Rieder
"To manage a complex portfolio and reduce the mistakes of overwhelm and resource management, you need to be realistic about your scope of risk. Smart PPM software like Sciforma 7.0 allows for agile project management, which focuses on 'chunking' projects into deliverable pieces for faster user feedback."

October 13, 2016
IT that screams for PM: the new wave of digital project management, by Maurya Rieder
"IT project management practices are in need of an innovation - and as a result, they're hindering IT departments' ability to deliver projects successfully. According to CIO Insight, 45% of large IT projects go over budget, while delivering 56% less value than promised."

October 13, 2016
3 ways to measure the ROI on PPM tools, by Rebecca Leadbitter
"There are several benefits that organisations can expect from the added visibility that PPM tools offer and the scale and timing of these benefits can be assessed by considering one or more metrics that measure the value to your organisation."

October 3, 2016
Why all successful projects start with a kickoff meeting, by Veronica Thraen
"Communications is a core competency that, when properly executed, connects every member of a project team to a common set of strategies, goals and actions. Unless these components are effectively shared by project leads and understood by stakeholders, project outcomes are jeopardized and budgets incur unnecessary risk."

September 28, 2016
The ONE big failure of project management, by Maurya Rieder
"Two common reasons for failure include lack of management support or unclear project objectives. But the biggest hindrance to success, that I (and my team) see time and time again, is the failure to set the right metrics."

September 22, 2016
Does your business need a PPM tool?, by Rebecca Leadbitter
"PPM tools allow your Project Management Office (PMO) to gain full visibility over your portfolio of projects so they can report accurately on a project’s value, or lack of, as well as the strategic alignment of investments across the business and opportunities for improved resource management."

August 5, 2016
Project Portfolio Management helps organisations play for keeps, by Maurya Rieder
"Successful projects are at the heart of every organisation - and PPM (Project & Portfolio Management) software will save your sanity, your dollars and your time analysing, activating and monitoring successful projects that meet both client expectations and company improvement goals."

May 19, 2016
Why Project Management Software can increase your team's productivity by over 30%, by Maurya Rieder, Director of Sciforma ANZ
Simply put, project management software bridges those human gaps by doing three things we can’t do that well on our own.

May 2, 2016
Getting real: understanding the role of a Project Manager, by Veronica Thraen
Project management offers many advantages to an organization, including better planning, improved communication, team productivity and overall customer satisfaction. But if expectations are unclear or unrealistic, they could be set up for failure.

April 18, 2016
It's official: your organisation's project success, over time, is what determines Value, by Maurya Rieder, Director of Sciforma ANZ
Research undertaken by Pulse shows that today, more than ever, an organisation’s success is dependent on high project performance—projects completed on time, on budget and meeting stated goals.

April 7, 2016
These 3 steps will supercharge your Vendor meetings, by Maurya Rieder, Director of Sciforma ANZ
Discover how to make your organisation memorable in the eyes of your Vendors and maximise the value of the tools at your disposal.

April 6, 2016
Purchasing a Project Portfolio Management Tool: What's the ROI?, by Brad Egeland
"Without a good PPM Solution, your management is likely making project management resource, financial and prioritization decisions based on gut feelings, inaccurate or estimated information and may even be taking on projects that aren't the best use of time and resources in the organization and contradictory to organizational goals."

Feb 22, 2016
Three Common Project Management Beliefs.. and the Facts that Belie Them, by Veronica Thraen
"Project teams do not see the abundance of “behind the scenes” work—working with sponsors on project scope, gathering/clarifying/negotiating requirements, managing change requests and removing roadblocks, to name just a few—that helps minimize distractions so that they can focus on their work."

Feb 16, 2016
Slow and Steady Wins the Project Management Race! by Brad Egeland
"We live in a “done now”, “real time” world of instant gratification. People want immediate feedback, instant updates and decisions made yesterday."

Feb 5, 2016
Hiring the Right Project Manager, by Veronica Thraen
"Ready to hire a project manager? If your company is investing in this critical role, you’ll want to ensure that you hire the best fit for your team and the types of projects that they will be managing."

Jan 11, 2016
What kind of Project Leader are you? by Brad Egeland
"The purpose, really, of evaluating this concept is to try to figure out what kind of leader we think we are, what kind of leader our team thinks we are, and identify areas where we are strong and where we might need to improve"

Jan 8, 2016
Questions to ask yourself before implementing new software, by Veronica Thraen
"Are you considering replacing manual processes with enterprise software? With so many different types of software on the market today, it can be difficult to identify which is most appropriate for your organization."


December 30, 2015
The 30-minute project kick-off meeting, by Brad Egeland
"Discover what you must do to pull off the cost saving 30 minute project kickoff meeting"

December 18, 2015
How to decide if it’s time to add project management to your organization, by Veronica Thraen
"Your organization is growing. You have new clients, products and/or services. You’ve also just hired additional staff and things are not running as efficiently as they once did. Now you're wondering: How do I move my company to the next level and increase profitability, productivity with the least amount of risk?"

November 20, 2015
EPPM: Why You Need it and What it Can Do For Your Organization, by Brad Egeland
"An organization of any significant size with many projects running simultaneously can't succeed by randomly assigning their projects to and having the projects run by whatever or whoever happens to be available."

November 20, 2015
Critical Chain Project Management, by Brad Egeland
"It differs from more traditional methods that derive from critical path and PERT algorithms, which emphasize task order and rigid scheduling. A critical chain project network strives to keep resources leveled, and requires that they be flexible in start times."

October 16, 2015
Creating a Project Plan that Works, by Brad Egeland
"You need a project schedule that works and lives and breathes throughout the project, revised regularly, up to date as much as possible every day, and something you can use to make decisions from and manage against. "

September 25, 2015
Building a Project Management Office from Scratch, by Brad Egeland
"What needs to be done to get started? What needs to be in place to help ensure project management office – and project management overall practice – success in the long run? What key ingredients should go into this newly created project management office?"

May 6, 2015
Top 5 Project Management Products for Feature Diversity
"Sciforma serves as your portal to all project info with document workflows, issue tracking, and time-management."

May 4, 2015
Exclusive Interview of Fabien Herelle, VP of Solutions
Sciforma's VP of Solutions, Fabien Herelle tells us about his work at Sciforma, including how Sciforma went from version 6 to 7.

March 23, 2015
Exclusive Interview of Joel Gutierrez, Product Manager of Sciforma
Discover the vision of Sciforma's Product Manager through his exclusive interview.


September 25, 2014
Exclusive Interview of Yann Le Bihan, CEO of Sciforma
Discover the vision of Sciforma's CEO through his exclusive interview. He describes what led him to his current success and his goals for the future.