Press Releases


7 November 2016
Sciforma Introduces New Portfolio Management Dashboard at PMO Symposium 2016
"The dashboard, called Portfolio Status Overview (PSO), gives portfolio managers and project management offices (PMO) an overview and a single point of entry for quickly assessing details, trends and issues for all ongoing projects."

9 September 2016
PPM Leader Sciforma's First International Symposium Will Welcome Hundreds of Worldwide Customers to Paris, 13-14 September 2016
"Sciforma's Paris symposium will provide an interactive, hands-on forum where customers can learn both from Sciforma experts and from each other about both new and proven PPM tools and techniques."

22 April 2016
How SMA collectively implemented its Project Portfolio Management
The SMA Group, a leading insurer for the building trades, public works and a corporate risk insurer, selected Sciforma to implement a system of governance using project portfolio management and to oversee the change management aspects.
Based on comments received from J. Baudrin, Head of the Information Systems Department (ISD), A. Bouchki and P. Montagnier, project sponsors responsible respectively for IT Research and Business Analysts (BAs) within SMA.

24 February 2016
Sciforma recognized as the Champion in Info-Tech Research Group Mid-Market High Maturity Use Case and receives the Best Overall Value Award
"Info-Tech Research Group listed Sciforma as the Champion in the Mid-Market High Maturity Category as well as a Leader in the Mid-Market Moderate Maturity and the Large Enterprise categories. To top it off, Info-Tech Research Group bestowed Sciforma the Best Overall Value Award in all three markets."

1 January 2016
Sciforma Project & Portfolio Management Software now available to UK Government through the Digital Marketplace
Sciforma is delighted to have been awarded the G-Cloud 7 framework agreement with the Crown Commercial Service allowing them to supply Sciforma Project & Portfolio Management Software As A Service via the Digital Marketplace.


18 December 2015
EPPM: Why You Need it and What it Can Do For Your Organization, by Brad Egeland
In case you're not familiar with EPPM, it stands for Enterprise Project Portfolio Management or Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management...which have basically the same meaning with terms reversed. An Enterprise Project Portfolio Management process or tool enables project-driven organizations to intelligently manage their programs and projects - from small and simple to large and complex.

20 November 2015
Critical Chain Project Management, by Brad Egeland
Do you critical chain PM? Don't know? What is it, you say? Well, critical chain project management, as defined by that #1 source on the internet (tongue firmly implanted in check even though it is my 2010's version of the old World Book Encyclopedia at my parent's house) is “a method of planning and managing projects that emphasizes the resources (people, equipment, physical space) required to execute project tasks. It differs from more traditional methods that derive from critical path and PERT algorithms, which emphasize task order and rigid scheduling. A critical chain project network strives to keep resources leveled, and requires that they be flexible in start times.”

16 October 2015
Creating a Project Plan that Works, by Brad Egeland
"You need a project schedule that works and lives and breathes throughout the project, revised regularly, up to date as much as possible every day, and something you can use to make decisions from and manage against. "

25 September 2015
Building a Project Management Office from Scratch, by Brad Egeland
"What needs to be done to get started? What needs to be in place to help ensure project management office – and project management overall practice – success in the long run? What key ingredients should go into this newly created project management office?"

4 May 2015
Exclusive Interview of Fabien Herelle, VP of Solutions
Sciforma's VP of Solutions, Fabien Herelle tells us about his work at Sciforma, including how Sciforma went from version 6 to 7.

27 March 2015
Sciforma 7.0: Steve Cotterell takes another look at Sciforma's portfolio and project management system and discovers that it has undergone significant changes in recent months
"It’s only a year since I last looked at Sciforma 6.0 so why am I reviewing it again so soon? Well, the folk at Sciforma have been very busy and Sciforma 7.0, due for launch this spring, is a different animal to its predecessor. The HTML5 conversion of the system has now been completed, additional functionality has been added and the user interface has been re-designed."
- Project Manager Today Magazine, Software Review -

23 March 2015
Exclusive Interview of Joel Gutierrez, Product Manager of Sciforma
Discover the vision of Sciforma's Product Manager through his exclusive interview.

18 March 2015
Sciforma reveals version 7
Sciforma, one of the world leaders in web-based project & portfolio management software for IT, R&D, Professional Services & Public sector projects, has unveiled Sciforma 7.


19 December 2014
CCR industrialises its project management with Sciforma
The French reinsurance company is using Sciforma to simplify its procedures for time-recording, budgeting, reporting and forecasting. CCR (Caisse Centrale de réassurance) is a reinsurance company, tasked with conceiving, implementing and managing effective instruments to address the need for reinsurance cover for exceptional risks, serving both its clients and the public interest.

21 November 2014
Vetoquinol moves into project mode with Sciforma
Vétoquinol, the specialist in animal health, is engaging Sciforma to industrialise its project management, presenting a comprehensive and consolidated vision of its whole portfolio.

22 September 2014
Sciforma & PMI Strengthen Partnership - Sponsoring Synergy London 2014
The Project Management Institute UK announced today a strengthening of its partnership with Sciforma to stage its flagship event in celebration of project management, Synergy 2014.

23 May 2014
Sciforma Receives Value Award from the Info-Tech Research Group
Info-Tech Research Group reviews vendors in the technology marketplace by assessing the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise. Info-Tech Research Group focuses on those vendors that offer broad capabilities across multiple platforms and have a strong market presence and/or reputation among large enterprises.

4 April 2014
Sciforma 6.0: Steve Cotterell reviews the latest version of this PPM system and notes a number of significant and useful developments.
"A PPM system, undergoing a host of changes that are making it available to users of portable devices and that are enabling it to manage projects and processes using a range of appropriate methodologies."
- Project Manager Today Magazine, Software Review -


29 November 2013
ArcelorMittal France has rationalised and standardised its project management with Sciforma
"Using Sciforma has enabled us to make progress in several areas, activity recording, project initiation, scheduling, workflow traceability, managing maintenance activities and reporting. We now have a solid base to extend the solution and cover new requirements such as managing quotes, functional demands or integrating the solution with other internal systems" concludes Laurent Baudouin - Support, Methods, Tools, Projects, NPEC department, ArcelorMittal France, Fos-Sur-Mer.

19 September 2013
Sciforma Unveils Version 6.0!
Sciforma, a world leader in web-based project management and project portfolio solution development, has unveiled Sciforma 6.0. In this mobile era with more companies going global, Sciforma 6.0 is geared to meet these ever changing needs.

8 July 2013
Sciforma engaged by LFB to standardize and optimize its project management.
Sciforma has become the project management standard for the LFB Group, a French biopharmaceutical laboratory specializing in therapeutic proteins. Sciforma is supplying LFB with project, portfolio and resource management for its different departments.

19 March 2013
Sciforma inoculates the Transgene group's project management.
Sciforma announced today that its solution has become the consolidated management platform for Transgene, a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that designs and develops immunotherapeutic products to treat cancers and infectious diseases.


14 December 2012
Sciforma's PSNext Makes Life Easier At Yorkshire Building Society
Yorkshire Building Society is the second largest building society in the UK, with 3.5 million members and assets of approximately £33 billion.
Yorkshire Building Society choose Sciforma's PSNext to manage their entire project portfolio.

17 November 2012
Faurecia optimises team collaboration and project management worldwide thanks to Sciforma solution
Sciforma, a world leader in project management solution development, announced today that the Interior Systems division of Faurecia, a key player in the automotive equipment market, is using its PSNext solution to manage their projects and optimise their use of resources worldwide.
Since 2009, the Interior Systems division, which has 21,000 contributors and accounts for 22% of Faurecia's turnover, has standardised all its projects and restructured its entire organisation around the developer's platform.

26 April 2012
The Nord-Pas de Calais Inter-Hospital Healthcare IT Agency (SIIH) relies on Sciforma to manage its projects and recurring activities
Sciforma, a world leader in project management solution development, announced today that the Nord-Pas de Calais Inter-Hospital Healthcare IT Agency (SIIH) is using its platform to manage its projects and recurring activities.
The SIIH is a Agency that provides support to more than 50 healthcare establishments, offering them IT solutions throughout the year: application management and hosting and even workstation management for the CHRU in Lille, which forms the major part of SIIH's involvement in both the departments concerned.

6 March 2012
Se unifies its project management around the Sciforma PSNext solution
Sciforma, a world leader in project management solution development, announced today that, France's leading online real estate marketplace, has chosen PSNext as the preferred solution for their project management.


13 June 2011
Sepura Choose Sciforma To Manage Their Entire Project Portfolio
Sepura, based in Cambridge, is the leading network-independent designer and supplier of portable and mobile radios to the police, fire, ambulance, military and transportation services. Using encrypted digital signals, these radios are very rugged. Sepura choose Sciforma's PSNext to manage their entire project portfolio

In October 2007, at the age of 35, Michael Schmitt was recruited from his native Germany to become a programme manager with Sepura. Prior to his recruitment, he had eleven years project management experience and had been involved in programme management since 2005.
He took his work as a programme manager very seriously but, after a few months he began to feel that the company didn't have the necessary project management maturity to conduct its business in the most efficient way.

23 May 2011
Services Industriels de Genève chooses the Sciforma Solution for its overall Project Management
SIG (Services Industriels de Genève) is an autonomous Genevan public company founded on 4 June 1895. Its capital is shared between the State of Geneva, the City of Geneva and the Communes. Its statutes make it an entirely separate, autonomous company. It supplies and monitors the quality of the water, gas, electricity and thermal energy, treats the waste and waste water and provides a fibre optic network for the region.
The management of these varied activities requires excellent organisation and perfect internal management of the resources so as to ensure the success of current and future projects.

01 April 2011
The PMU places its bets on Sciforma for its project, resource and portfolio management
Sciforma, a world leader in project management solution development, announced today that the PMU is using its PSNext solution for its project planning and resource and portfolio management. An extra dimension has been added to this partnership, which dates from 1993, with the opening up of the sports betting and poker market last June.