Sciforma engaged by LFB to standardise and optimise its project management

London, 8 july 2013 The web-based project management solutions publisher announces its cooperation with one of the leaders in therapeutic biopharmaceutics.

Sciforma, a world leader in web-based project management and project portfolio solution development, announced today that it has become the project management standard for the LFB Group, a French biopharmaceutical laboratory specialising in therapeutic proteins. Sciforma is supplying LFB with project, portfolio and resource management for its different departments.

A desire to standardise project management for development projects

LFB is a French pharmaceutical laboratory specialising in therapeutic proteins. It develops drugs derived from plasma or from biotechnology in the areas of immunology, intensive care and haemostasis.

In 2010, LFB wanted to standardise the management of its development projects and have one single base for its project and resource management, time tracking and portfolio management-related decision making.

After studying all the solutions on the market, LFB chose Sciforma.

"Sciforma convinced us, as their application is a reliable and user-friendly tool that is easy to configure and fits our business, as well as being a well-known solution in the market place," stated Fabienne Babin, Process Manager of LFB.

Implemented in six months

For six months, the LFB and Sciforma teams worked together to implement project and portfolio management for the development teams, as well as a time tracking module for the entire company. The Sciforma team's understanding of what was at stake in LFB's particular business (in the pharmaceutical sector, projects last an average of 10 years) was a decisive element in the success of the implementation.

"The ability of the Sciforma teams to quickly come to grips with our needs has allowed us to put all the modules that we wanted into production rapidly and with the desired results. Today, we have a time tracking rate of around 95%", noted Fabienne Babin.

The arrival of Sciforma has also helped to make information available for drawing up the Long-Term Plan and the projected budget.

"LFB is an important reference for us: Sciforma can adapt to all business issues, even the most complex, such as those faced by biopharmaceutical companies. For such companies, good project management is a strategic advantage as, in this field, projects are especially long and costly. We are delighted to be able to support them in this drive for excellence," commented Stéphane Louit, Assistant General Manager of Sciforma.

A propos de LFB Technologies

Le LFB est un laboratoire biopharmaceutique français spécialisé dans les protéines thérapeutiques. Au 5ème rang mondial dans le domaine des médicaments dérivés du plasma, le LFB occupe dans ce domaine la première place en France, et figure parmi les principaux acteurs européens dans le domaine des biotechnologies. Expert reconnu en immunologie, soins intensifs et en hémostase, le LFB développe, fabrique et commercialise des médicaments permettant la prise en charge de maladies toujours graves, souvent rares.
Le LFB est un expert des médicaments biologiques et inscrit son développement dans la mise au point de thérapies innovantes, visant à répondre à des besoins essentiels de santé publique.
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