The Nord-Pas de Calais Inter-Hospital Healthcare IT Agency (SIIH) relies on Sciforma to manage its projects and recurring activities

London, 26 april 2012 Sciforma, a world leader in project management solution development, announced today that the Nord-Pas de Calais Inter-Hospital Healthcare IT Agency (SIIH) is using its platform to manage its projects and recurring activities.
The SIIH is a Agency that provides support to more than 50 healthcare establishments, offering them IT solutions throughout the year: application management and hosting and even workstation management for the CHRU in Lille, which forms the major part of SIIH's involvement in both the departments concerned.

A platform with worldwide expertise and an index of good practices

A desire to track its activities properly and be able to tackle project and recurring activity management led the SIIH in 2008 to put out an invitation to tender to project management software developers. During the "proof-of-concept" phase, Sciforma stood out from its competitors on several points, particularly in the recurring activity management trial (which lasted from 1 January to 31 December). It was the only company to be able to offer effective management of the workload associated with these tasks, which take up a large part of the SIIH agents' time.

The discussion regarding the use of a project management solution like Sciforma was motivated by a desire to define all the Agencies activities and to be able to better justify the invoicing of the services provided to member establishments. After an initial phase of objective definition, during which the SIIH collected the comments of all its managers, they were able to define the project and activity models before implementing the platform itself.

A Way to Justify Services Provided and Amounts Invoiced

Fully operational since Spring 2009, Sciforma is now used by more than one hundred SIIH staff members.

Sciforma was rapidly integrated into our IT system and accepted quite well by our teams, who soon adapted to using this new tool to track their activities. The involvement of the management and the regular communication regarding the use of the platform allowed us to have great success with this new tool", said Pascaline Matagne, Quality Method Manager for SIIH Nord-Pas de Calais.

"The simple and practical ergonomics of the tool helped with its adoption by all the departments, which became entirely used to entering their workloads into Sciforma, giving us quite a comprehensive panorama of what has been done. Today we have greater visibility and traceability of what we can invoice our members for; it is a real frame of reference for all that has been done within the company", commented Pascale Danel, Project Director, SIIH.

Buoyed by this success, the SIIH now hopes to increase the use of the tool for forecasting and upcoming projects, since the "recurring activities" part is now fully integrated into the work activities of the teams. Several new modules, such as resource reservation, are currently being studied and will be included in SIIH's next Sciforma workshops.

"The flexibility of our platform allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and to show how well our tender could fit the very specific expectations of the players in the healthcare market. We are delighted to be able to support SIIH in its efforts to implement invoice traceability and workload management, two overriding themes for an institution of this type, on which several of the major French hospitals, such as the CHR in Lille, depend," added Stéphane Louit, Assistant General Manager of Sciforma.

About the Nord-Pas de Calais Inter-Hospital Syndicate

Created in September 2001, the Nord-Pas de Calais Inter-Hospital Healthcare IT Agency provides healthcare establishments with the services of almost 100 professionals specialising in IT and hospital information systems. 34 public hospitals are members of SiiH59/62 in the Nord/Pas-de-Calais region. 30 other public and private establishments also use the services of the SiiH. Born out of a strong perception of resource pooling and regional coherence, the development of our structure was bolstered by the implementation of the “Hospital, patients, health and territories" Act and especially by the creation of the Territorial Hospital Communities (French initials, CHT) and ASIP Santé's recommendations on resource pooling. The SiiH intends to use its strong value-added, a knowledge of hospitals, to provide support to healthcare establishments when choosing the development, maintenance and use of their information system.
To support its ambitions, SiiH has invested in:
Tools: Distributing project supervision and management tools among the various SiiH departments makes it possible to optimise available resources and anticipate the risk of breakdowns in order to guarantee the quality of the services provided.
Organisation: For the last two years, the SiiH has been involved in acquiring "good practices" through the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) initiative, which has made it possible to professionalize and industrialise our production process and do better at less expense.
People: New contributors join our teams every year to strengthen the expertise of the technical departments and their project management skills.
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