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Project Portfolio Management consists of analyzing and collectively managing groups of current and proposed projects to determine the optimal project mix and sequencing to achieve your organization's overall goals.

Qualities of PPM are:

  • Treating projects as part of an overall investment portfolio.
  • Establishing a set of values and techniques that enable visibility, standardization, measurement and process improvement.
  • Evaluate resource availability for its ability to meet project demand.
  • Determine how a set of projects in a portfolio can be executed in a specified time, given the constraints of the organization.
Discover Project Portfolio Management with Sciforma in 3'

With Sciforma 6.0, you can:

  • Assign managers, budgets, and strategy criteria to Portfolios.
  • Identify and analyze proposed project ideas through Idea Management.
  • Customize PPM work flow.
  • Develop detailed Business Cases.
  • Rank potential projects against organizational strategy.
  • Simulate budget and resource utilization to determine when to launch projects into the pipeline.
  • Report on Portfolio and Project Performance

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