Easy Sciforma Integration with Yammer

The combination of Sciforma and Yammer will improve the communication of your projects and make the success of your company even more visible!


At Sciforma, we feel that sharing the day to day life of your projects with everybody is the best way to sustain the innovative spirit and desire to move forward together. We did not find a better place to do that than Yammer!


Sciforma’s Yammer integration

Sciforma Yammer integration diagram


Seamless & configurable

We designed the integration with Yammer to be seamless, user friendly, and flexible. You can choose from different built-in events (and the ability to configure your own events) that will trigger a message to be posted on Yammer's Activity Stream. This integration leverages the features of Yammer to share news about new initiatives, project achievements, ... This integration will improve project visibility, connect project teams and generate a buzz about the company projects.