The Director of Sales is primarily responsible for driving new business software sales through a team of Regional Sales Managers (RSMs), in addition to managing a team of Customer Account Managers (CAMs) who interact with existing customers and drive renewals and cross sell opportunities.  

The Director of Sales is also a business partner to Marketing leadership by helping to shape / frame campaigns with a goal of driving leads for sales and by working collaboratively on ensuring the annual user conference is considered a success by the company, as measured by attendance, post-conference feedback and sales generated.

The Director of Sales is a key member of the Company where his/her experience and knowledge of the industries the Company serves are important to helping frame tactical and strategic goals and delivering the results.   

Administratively, the Director of Sales reports to the Global Head of Sales. 

Time spent for assigned duties and responsibilities are estimated as follows: 

  • Opportunity Management - 30% 
  • Inbound Activity - 10% 
  • Outbound Activity - 30% 
  • Industry Events - 15% 
  • Administrative Responsibilities - 15%

Duties and responsibilities

  • Opportunity Management – active engagement in a sales pipeline with RSMs and CAMs with a goal of ensuring we are following agreed upon sales process and working to increase the close / won ratio for opportunities we are engaged in.  Coaching, adjusting, sharing experiences to help the growth of the sales team.  Participating in demos, pipeline review and quota management. 

  • Inbound Activity – daily review of incoming MQLs / SQLs to ensure proper assignment, tracking then follow up by RSMs / CAMs.  Partnering with marketing to adjust lead criteria as market dictates 

  • Outbound Activity – Understand the progress on each lead / opportunity the RSMs / CAMs are working to ensure we are following agreed upon process and to offer assistance where needed.  Using personal contacts and knowledge of the industry to drive opportunities for the team and to gain experience on new / changing trends to help the company adjust campaigns 

  • Industry Events – travel and attendance at annual industry events with a focus on networking and driving new business opportunities.  To include the annual user conference where your presence is critical to the success of the event 

  • Administrative Responsibilities – monthly administration of a sales pipeline, including preparation for pipeline review and reporting, expense reporting, quote generation, sales meetings and other internal related training/meetings.  Quarterly and annual reviews as required by HR policies.  Budget management to ensure the proper balance between growth, spend and budget.

  • LeadershipCritical member of the global sales team. Participates in weekly phone call and quarterly in-person meetings.  Comes prepared to discuss tactical and strategic topics, often sensitive in nature.  Supports his/her peers and ask for help when needed

Qualifications and skillsets

  • At least eight years of proven sales experience, with increasing responsibility

  • Prior experience using a sales method model that you are prepared to roll out to the team

  • Prior experience in distribution or technology sales preferred

  • Strong interpersonal skills and negotiation skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong networking and relationship building skills

  • Some Business acumen

  • Strong time management skills

  • Working knowledge of Strategic Project Management (SPM), Enterprise Agile Planning (EAP), Adaptive Project Management (APM) preferred

  • Strong working knowledge of Google suite, SFDC and contracting 

  • Ability to travel at least 50%

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, technical, or other related field

  • Master degree a plus