4 hobbies that help you be a better project and portfolio manager

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Do you have a packed life outside the office? Well, that's good news, because not only have you just become 100 times more interesting, you’re potentially garnering skills that will make you a better project manager.

Start knitting to become a better Project Manager

Research has shown that having hobbies can influence how you perform at work. For example, a study published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy revealed that people who regularly knit, display increased cognitive function, invaluable when trying to read patterns in code or decipher a set of statistics.

Now, I'm not suggesting knitting is your only path....

1 - Are you pursuing further study?

As a project manager, adult education (even in an unrelated field) demonstrates an ability to learn new ideas and process information.

2 - Do you like to travel?

Travelling calls for maturity, adaptation and responsibility - all attributes of a stellar project manager. Navigating new lands and cultures makes us open minded, adaptable and resourceful, as well as willing to learn new things.

3 - Do you volunteer?

Supporting a not-for-profit activity during your leisure time signposts excellent moral fibre, care for the community and sense of empathy. Volunteer work also develops strong people skills and reflects a well-rounded lifestyle. This type of work often entails working in uncomfortable environments for free. Fundraising, charity drives and events demonstrate a strong sense of leadership, as well as project management skills.

4 - Do you enjoy playing sports?

Playing sport shows that you’re a team player, working well with others and have drive. It also demonstrates work-life balance and in most cases, a strategic mindset.

The Wall Street Journal stated that being successful in your hobbies, such as winning a tennis tournament or an award at an art show, can help you reach new levels of accomplishment.

Maintain extra curricular activities to become a better Project Manager

Maintaining extra curricular activities improves mood, increases confidence, reduces stress and provides networking opportunities - all assets to the portfolio and project manager where things can change in a flash.

Any or all of the above are great to pull in to your self-promotion as a PM.

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