Apave group selected Sciforma software for their project management

The Apave group has chosen Sciforma as software for managing portfolios and projects and has joined the large community of Sciforma users.

The Apave group - assistance, support and training for companies

Apave supports companies and communities in their desire to control their technical, human and environmental risks, through a full range of services: inspection, building, tests and measurements, training, and advice. All of these services aim to increase the safety of people and property, protect the environment and optimize the performance of organizations.

Apave Group IT department chooses PPM Sciforma software for project management

The Apave group's IT department turned to Sciforma PPM solution in order to standardize and consolidate their processes, get indicators and apply project management methodologies across all of its sites. Sciforma's PPM Software will allow them to digitize and centralize timesheets for more efficiency and productivity.

A great welcome to them ! Check out our customer cases in the our success stories.

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Camélia Docquin

Camélia is Sciforma’s Marketing Manager for Europe and enjoys learning different perspectives of the current business environment and project management challenges that enterprises and individuals face daily. Main interests include : innovation, digital transformation, and strategy execution.