Free Webinar : Managing Change when launching a PPM solution



How to effectively support adoption of your new PPM solution?


Implementing a new PPM solution is a project in its own right. Gartner found that projects have a 6x success rate when organizational change is managed properly. Addressing organizational change practices will result in faster adoption of your new tool, higher employee engagement and measurable results for your organization. 


Join the webinar to discover key considerations and strategies for effectively launching a new PPM solution:

  • How to define success, and the importance of baselines
  • Effective communication & Supporting end users
  • Good habits yield great data


Projektauswahl und Geschäftsausrichtung



Benoît Boitard

Benoît has been a proud member of Sciforma’s marketing team since 2020. A number of former work experiences as a Digital Strategy Consultant, both in up-and-coming start-up companies and large corporations, imbued him with a big-picture understanding of Project Management in traditional and agile work environments alike.