The Mighty Five Ways PMOs Can Drive Sustainable Competitive Advantage : # 4 - Enterprise Collaboration and Innovation

Innovation is rarely birthed or deployed in a silo. The fuel of innovation, or the creative process in general, is the cross-pollination of ideas and unique integration of processes. Companies with the greatest competitive advantages are always those that leverage ideas from different disciplines, functions, or organizational units, and actualize them in processes that blur organizational lines. PMO can play a role in driving the kind of cross-enterprise collaboration and digitalization that drives innovation by leveraging PPM tools that enable and encourage collaboration. The simple centralization of cross-enterprise data and knowledge tears down a fundamental barrier to innovation – the friction in the flow of information and know-how across the enterprise. Enterprise PMOs and enterprise PPM solutions can and should be at the core of the digital workplace.

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Valerie Zeller

Valerie is Sciforma Chief Marketing Officer and likes to research and share how a Project and Portfolio Management Solution can help you achieve your business goals. Main interests: digital transformation, change management, strategy execution. Send your thoughts @valeriezeller