One of the biggest challenges any PMO has is: how much “value” are they bringing to the organization.

What does “value” mean for a PMO?

To but it simply, for PMO leaders, demonstrating clear value is to demonstrate that the projects they undertake, execute on, and complete are adding quantifiable benefits and meaning to the organization as a whole. This entails not only KPIs for project delivery (i.e. on time delivery, within scope, etc), and governance of the project practices, but also making sure the projects will be strategically aligned with business objectives.

Digital Transformation: Impact on the PMO’s Value

Portfolio management leaders are now at an inflection point where they are more empowered and expected to grow their value success path beyond project practices. In other words, they are encouraged to take a step back and consider the value of the project portfolio from an enterprise perspective.

While ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget remains a key goal, it is equally important, if not more, to make sure they actively serve the business strategy that will help the organization stay competitive and relevant. Additionally, projects should act as the agent of change as organizations are embracing the new challenges that come with digital transformation.

Take some of these pivotal initial steps to get closer to bringing better value to your PMO!

  1. Have clear vision of all process, projects, and programs across the organization. 
    Partnering with a tool like Sciforma can enable integrated visibility into your project data.
  2. Assess and readjust tools, metrics, and processes.
    Make sure they take into account strategy alignment and not just operational excellence.
  3. Improve project selection.
    PPM tools like Sciforma PPM can provide demand functionality that will help select and prioritize projects. PPM capabilities can help evaluate strategic initiatives, programs, and investments from more of a top-down view

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Gina Pham

Gina is Sciforma’s Marketing Manager for North America and enjoys learning different perspectives of the current business environment and project management challenges that enterprises and individuals face daily. Main interests include: team collaboration and connection, boosting efficiency, and change management.