Los Gatos,  March 28, 2011– Sciforma Corporation, the Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) technology visionary, sponsored a report by Aberdeen Group, a leading provider of fact-based research on ‘Project portfolio management: Selecting the right projects for optimal investment opportunity.’ The economy is forcing companies to maximize their resources and increase profitability. As a result, executive teams are evaluating approaches to ensure they are focused on the right projects, as well as tools enabling them to successfully manage their entire portfolio of projects.

This report provides guidance to help companies use project portfolio management to balance risk while focusing resources on the right projects to achieve the greatest return on investment for the company. In order to improve project portfolio management, it is important to understand the challenges faced by most companies. Thus the report identified the top five challenges reported by their corporate survey respondents. These are listed below in order of priority:

  • Balancing resources usage across the portfolio
  • Properly assessing risk in portfolio
  • Understanding portfolio trade-offs and visualizing ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Defining portfolio decision criteria
  • Basing decisions on objective information

PSNext Project and Portfolio Management software solves the five highest priority challenges and provides the predictability necessary for keeping projects on time and on budget. PSNext Project and Portfolio Management software helps users balance resources and properly assess risk by visualizing ‘what if’ scenarios. It can also help companies select the right projects, decreasing risk while optimizing returns.

For more information on the Aberdeen report and to access your complimentary copy, please follow this link.

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