Great Rivers Greenway: Saving Time and Reducing Costs with Data Insights

As a regional park and trails district in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area, GRG’s charge is to provide thoughtful stewardship in its development of greenways for residents, connecting them to their rivers, parks and communities. With a footprint in three counties, GRG serves over 2 million people throughout St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles, County. As a regional public agency funded by multiple tax bases, they collaborate with diverse partners and communities in the simultaneous execution of construction projects for greenways, healthy habitats and watersheds.


GRG desired readily available access to a portfolio-level view of projects on a single screen.

Kevin Corwin
PPM Consultant

Delivering all they envision on-time and on-budget required new and smarter tools. A search was initiated under the direction of Kevin Corwin, their PPM consultant. As a publicly funded government agency engaged in multiple construction projects and subject to external scrutiny, they sought a better way to manage what they do, in less time and at lower cost. This was required along with full compliance, more functional access for project managers, and insightful real-time information for senior executives.


Projects had previously relied upon cobbled-together out of the box programs; typically Excel for costs and Office for notes. GRG desired readily available access to a portfolio-level view of projects on a single screen, with multiple cost centers, milestones and data points across all projects with easily customized dashboards. Additionally, they needed streamlined budgeting, forecasting and processing, delivered by software that users would enthusiastically embrace and fully optimize.

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With ambitious goals, the Sciforma sales team took time to fully understand them and they were achieved as Sciforma 7.0 was implemented for 15-users. Chasing down information was replaced with customized functionality, delivering insight and control GRG needed. Everything was backed by Sciforma’s commitment of unrivalled training and support and the operational impact was simply transformative. As Corwin explained, “Budget processes that had taken weeks are now completed in a day. Reporting needed to fulfill Freedom of Information requests, such as quantifying money spent in geographical or low-income areas that previously took days, are now generated by a project manager in about an hour.”

Budget processes that had taken weeks are now completed in a day.

PPM Consultant

Beginning with “a smooth, sales process” where Corwin praised the demo as “more than a demo, I was trained to learn the software in an hour,” adding that “implementation was easy, our trainer remarkably patient, and support all we’d hoped for.”


Truly powerful tools delivered on the promise of the software; streamlining procurement and workflows, as customizable forms and dashboards brought everything together in one location. Budget processes are no longer dreaded; simulation scenarios empower better cost control, and GRG can qualify and quantify risks. 


With a true roadmap, GRG can now look to the future with even greater confidence. Internal users have embraced the tool and next steps will be to integrate with external consultants and contractors to realize even greater ROI.