Sciforma has become the consolidated management platform for Transgene, a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that designs and develops immunotherapeutic products to treat cancers and infectious diseases.

About Transgene

Transgene is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that designs and develops cutting-edge immunotherapeutic products to treat cancers and chronic infectious diseases. Our expertise covers all stages of product development: from research to the manufacturing of clinical batches to conducting clinical trials.

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Sciforma Solution Stands Out

In order to put an end to the compartmentalization of information and the variety of project management methods used by its project managers, Transgene searched for a solution capable of offering a unified and shared system that would integrate all of the company's projects.

"We were hoping to find a solution that would allow us to manage time tracking, resource management, and the management of all the group's projects simultaneously. The Transgene group's projects can run from a few months to more than 10 years for the development of new medicines. It was therefore essential for us to have a reliable and easy-to-administer tool capable of being adapted to meet the specific needs and standards of the pharmaceutical industry," said Bernard Burtin, Project Management Officer at Transgene.

After studying various specialized solutions and other general software developers, Transgene's choice was Sciforma. "The Sciforma solution stood out due to its ability to integrate our issues into the tool with ease at a low cost and without having to spend many weeks on set up."

It took less than six months to put the tool into production and to import all the data from MSProject. The users did not show any particular resistance to the change. They were won over by Sciforma's ease of use and its ability to increase the visibility of the work they had done on their own projects or as contributors to another activity. Sciforma's time tracking system, which is essential for receiving research tax credit, has very effectively replaced the Excel tables that were used previously.

Projects and Allocated Budgets Now Have Greater Transparency

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Transgene did not have to wait long to reap the first benefits of using Sciforma. The schedules of the 200 users of the program are now accessible to everyone, and the transparency is appreciated at all levels of the group including upper management, which can steer the projects and see the progress made on them in real time. Having been involved in the new project management system from the beginning, the company is especially satisfied with the resource management and budgeting features provided by the solution.

"We have been working with Sciforma for three years and we are completely satisfied with what their platform has given us. In fact, we are planning to expand our use of the tool still further in terms of reporting, above all deploying reports based on historical data and the development of specific financial modules, as well as bolstering subcontracting cost control," added Bernard Burtin. "We are also hoping to upgrade rapidly to Sciforma 5.0 in the coming months, as the innovations have won us over."

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