Leverage Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) to drive business agility

June 28, Tuesday | 11:00 am (PST) | 1 Hour

Attend this free webinar on June 28, hosted by Jordan Weinberg, Presales Solutions Consultant at Sciforma, to explore the following topics.

  • How to translate your strategy into portfolios, programs, products
  • How to link ideas, projects and portfolios and verify their consistency
  • How to define and track KPIs and OKRs linked to project portfolio data to
    get a real-time view of the progress of your strategic objectives
  • How to track and measure benefits

The Forrester Wave™ 2022 report on Strategic Portfolio Management Toolsreveals that the multi-year plans companies adopt are often challenged by the pace of business change. They need to continually assess the impact of incessant change, then communicate strategic adjustments to execution teams to make the right decisions in a timely manner.

In this context, it is essential to improve agility and collaboration in project portfolio management to foster better alignment between objectives and key results (OKR).

With a tool like Sciforma, you can implement strategic portfolio management that links strategic vision to execution via the project portfolio.

Meet the Speaker

Jordan Weinberg
Presales Solutions Consultant
Jordan Weinberg is a Presales Solutions Consultant at Sciforma with over ten years of experience in project management, supply chain, and information systems. Jordan brings a passion for technology and problem solving to help organizations realize their full potential.

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