About SeLoger.com

SeLoger.com has been France's leading online real estate player for 19 years. Available on any type of screen (computer, mobile phone, tablet and web TV), it allows millions of French people to have access from wherever they are and whenever they want to more than 1.2 million property listings advertised online by real estate professionals. For sale or for rent, old or new, in France or abroad, business property, charming homes, holiday locations; the property that anyone is searching for can be found through one of the group's 7 sites.

Filling the Need for an Clear and Comprehensive View of Projects

The solid growth of SeLoger.com had multiplied the number of projects running simultaneously. The need for a PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) solution became an important requirement for the group.

"We needed to organize the information system so as to have a clearer vision of how projects were progressing and a precise idea of the workload of each of our internal resources" advised Jean-Michel Berthelier, Information Systems Director of SeLoger.com.

After studying the various solutions on the market, SeLoger.com turned to Sciforma, the 100% web-based platform developed by Sciforma. The main reasons for this choice were the openness of the solution to thin client mobility, its ease of implementation in the existing IS and the less onerous financial investment than the other bids evaluated.

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Support from the Start to the End of the Project

The new tool required support for the end users using PSNext. The solution was also implemented in stages, being deployed on inter-departmental projects before more generalized projects that required the collaboration of several departments and shared resources. The integration went perfectly.

"As with any new tool, an adaptation phase and support with changing work habits were necessary. But the simplicity of the tool, plus a very gradual approach, allowed us to make the use of Sciforma completely natural in less than a year. Today, the entire SeLoger.com group uses the solution to manage projects and is completely at home with it, " added Jean-Michel Berthelier.

Sciforma has been satisfactory for the SeLoger.com group. All departments have project teams that use the tool, except for marketing services and the helpdesk.

"The Sciforma solution met its objectives. We have greater visibility over all our projects, the resources we need for each of them and the associated costs. The tool has allowed us to look at the priority to be given to certain projects and to put the launch of operations in a hierarchy so as to adjust their time to market. It is also much simpler to show management the return on investment that can be expected from each project. We are therefore delighted with the value added that Sciforma has now been able to bring us," concluded Jean-Michel Berthelier.

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