Why Partner with Sciforma?

  • Connect and collaborate with a solution used worldwide 300,000 people around the world love and use Sciforma tools every day
  • Build competitive differentiation by providing access to a leading Project and Portfolio Management software
  • Extend your sales and marketing reach by collaborating with Sciforma and appearing on our website, social networks and in joint marketing materials
  • Keep up with the latest practices and trends Be the first to know about the latest updates on PPM software. Keep up with the latest practices and trends
  • Join the network of great companies already partnering with us We have more than 40 companies already partnering with us worldwide.

How to Partner with us

Certified Consultant

You would like to be involved with Sciforma team in the implementation of the solution and you already have expertise in Project Management.

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Accredited Business

You would like to act as a referral partner and you already have a business network.

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Authorized Reseller or Distributor

You would like to undertake sales, implementation, and post-implementation and you have a unique positioning or your office is in a specific geographic area.

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Strategic Consulting Partner

You would like to provide business advisory, planning, project management, and implementation services to our customers and you have strategic industry/market areas of focus.

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Ready to Join?

Become a Partner

Get Sciforma Certified

Sciforma Certification is for anyone who wants to be part of Sciforma Partners Network and will give you the opportunity to execute services (training, implementation and support) on behalf of Sciforma.

The certification is divided into two modules:

  • Module 1 is about Project Management Theory and will allow you to train Sciforma customers.
  • Module 2 is about the technical aspects of Sciforma and will allow you to do the implementation and configuration of Sciforma Software



Our network of partners is very diversified. Each partner has its own field of speciality (CCPM, Agile, Training).

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