Out-of-the Box Implementation

Pick the set of solutions that best fit your needs and requirements, and you are immediately operational. 

Tailored Implementation

Put together the solutions you need and even adapt them to perfectly match your goals.


We help you find your ideal solution

We are experts at project & portfolio management. Our teams and certified partners step in very early to make sure they understand your needs. Depending on your requirements and constraints, they will guide you toward the best approach. Sciforma is a very powerful software allowing you to define your own processes and data-views and extend your data model, with minimum configuration. Each client can benefit from a configuration entirely adapted to his or her needs.

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We help you deploy. Fast.

To facilitate the creation and maintenance of that configuration, Sciforma offers a very powerful tool: the extensions. An extension is an out-of-the-box configuration, ready to be used. Sciforma Extensions are easy to install, easy to update and are compatible with each other. Sciforma’s Extensions are suitable for different functional (e.g. IT, R&D, professional service, public sector, etc.) or methodological (e.g. Agile, Critical Chain, etc.) purposes. 

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An out-of-the box solution, Sciforma could be implemented rapidly and at an affordable price. The hospital only pays for the features they use.

Julie Vaillant, Jewish General Hospital

Check out our extensions

The extension dedicated to the Administrator of the Sciforma System: creation of new cost items, creation and update of resources, creation of users, creation, publication, activation, and deactivation of projects.


The extension to work in Agile: Backlog Items, Iterations, Epics and Releases.



The extension for Budget Management: cost center management and global capacity forecast definition.



The extension for Demand Management :  one single place to enter requests and ideas. Includes also all the collaborative tools to discuss, and finally move an idea from demand to new Projects or Issues.


The extension dedicated to project team members: upcoming assignments, timesheets, and project issues.


The Expense extension provides support for all the steps of Expense management: from the creation of an Expense Report to the final approval by a Project/Resource manager. 


The extension dedicated to Portfolio managers: all the tools to manage portfolios and the projects in them. Define budgets,  assess projects status, evaluate capacity to start new projects in terms of budget and workload.


The PRINCE2 extension has been designed to not only support the key stakeholders (Project Board, Project Manager, Team Managers) with appropriate objects and tools to deliver the expected products on time and budget but also to speed up the process of producing the key documents required by the PRINCE2 methodology.



The extension dedicated to Product managers: perform high-level product planning and analysis, keep track of the main phases, gates and deliverables, easily identify and allocate project assignments, assess the overall product health, and create a structured framework to work with the Project Managers in charge of detailed planning.


The extension dedicated to the Project managers: fill-out Project Business Case, update main Project indicators, manage Project Work Items, manage the Project Schedule, keep track of Project Costs, Revenues and Budget, validation and approval of time sheets, ability to assess the overall Project health.


The PSA extension have been especially designed to respond to Professional services companies' needs: increase project visibility, estimate and track project margins, gain insight into resource utilization, improve the productivity and efficiency of the workforce, facilitate collection of Time and Expenses, track Purchase Orders and Invoices.


The Resource Allocation Management (aka RAM) features available in Sciforma enable Project Managers and Resource Managers to cooperate and, therefore, to optimize the utilization of their resources. Resource Managers (aka RM) can use a large set of tools to evaluate and select the relevant resources to fulfill requests submitted by the Project Manager.


The  extension dedicated to Resource Managers: quickly review pending time sheets and calendars, update resource definition and review resource assignments, assign or commit resources to projects, review team time sheets, validate requests for non-working days .

Work Package

The Work Package extension will help the Project Managers initiate Work Packages, define the contracts with the Work Package Managers and review the performances of each Work Package very efficiently.

Completely Scalable.

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