Portfolio Status Overview

Assess all projects.

Track, understand, and report:

  • Quickly check the status of all ongoing projects. 
  • Spot any issues.
  • Drill down into the details to identify the root problems or details.

Portfolio Analysis & Control

Analyze and assess the portfolio performance in real time.

Accelerate the implementation of corporate strategies:

  • Access a global view of your portfolio.
  • Define appropriate attributes and criteria for driving the decision-making processes.
  • Compare portfolio and project resource needs by organization and job classification.

Budget Management

Allocate the budget and monitor budget consumption.

Portfolio Ranking

Compare and rank submitted projects:

  • Assess selected ideas along with ongoing projects to determine the capacity of the organization to launch them.
  • Choose projects to launch.

Portfolio Simulation

Keep your portfolio within budget and aligned with available resources :

  • Compare various options.
  • Balance and monitor portfolios by doing real-time pipeline management.
  • Evaluate current and potential allocations of financial assets.
  • Choose allocations that best fit your company’s needs and goals.

Capacity planning

Utilize the right resource at the right time. Visualize bottlenecks and under allocations.
With capacity planning, you can visualize bottlenecks and under allocation of resources. Utilize the right resources at the right time.

Idea Management

Gather all demands and ideas in a single place. Filter through by status, type or any other property.

Analyze and decide which ideas to approve or further evaluate.

In one click, Sciforma shows us the annual budgetary distribution for a portfolio of projects over several years.

–– Bioaster

With both bird’s eye and detailed views of ongoing projects – from the development phase through prototyping and testing – Manitou managers are able to significantly streamline the development cycle. That means new products get to market faster.

-- Manitou

It's always clear what is available in a given account. Performance timetables can be simulated, and project priorities established.

-- Jewish General Hospital


  • Multiple currencies.
  • Multiple languages: English, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Polish, and Japanese.
  • Built-in tools for localization.

Flexible deployment

  • SaaS
  • Hosted
  • On premises

Completely Scalable.

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