Project Time Management


Increase Productivity

Users have to spend time submitting timesheets and project and resource managers have to spend time administering them. Time sheet automation minimizes that time so teams can spend more time on value-added tasks.

Ensure Accountability

Tracking user time is an important discipline to ensure that all project team members properly account for their time (e.g. project time, non-project-time, time off, etc.).

Improve Decision-Making

Time and effort tracking is a pre-requisite for tracking project cost which is a critical metric to evaluate project success. Data about the time and effort required to execute various project types is important for allocating and managing resources; justifying projects, hiring decisions, and billing rates; and assessing project risk.

Improve Project Planning

Accurate time and effort tracking improves project planning, resource estimation, budgeting, and helps you get a realistic idea of when projects will be completed. Proposals and plans are based on a data and experience-driven processes that allow project planners to anticipate when resources are unavailable.

Plan & use your time more efficiently

Sciforma time management automation allows team members and other project resources to report units of time spent on tasks and activities associated with a project. Project and resource managers will be able to leverage that information to improve portfolio and project decision-making and project planning.

Sciforma Time Management focuses on providing an intuitive timesheet submission experience for project team members and rich administration capabilities for project and resource managers.

Key capabilities include the ability for team members to report time against multiple tasks on multiple projects in a single screen view. Administrators have the ability to leverage a two-step approval process (project managers and resource managers) to approve time to be applied to overall project records.

Improve collaboration with Sciforma time management features
Keep track of your team’s time

Sciforma collates timesheet data into insights of where your team’s time is going

  • Track actuals and remaining time against planned tasks with notes to allow better collaboration between project managers, resource managers, and users.
  • Track non-project time to enhance organizational efficiency.
  • Track non-working days already used for the current year.
  • Create and efficiently manage assigned work items: Issues, Actions, Change Requests, and Deliverables (including Kanban views for easy updates).
Review, approve, or reject timesheets

Sciforma lets administrators manage their team’s attendance without leaving the platform

  • Leverage a two-step timesheet approval workflow (resource manager and/or project manager)
Seamlessly integrate with the Agile Activity Log

Sciforma prevents duplication and double entry with the Agile Activity Log

  • Sciforma integrates with other apps so you don’t lose time duplicating your work.
  • Integrate with the Agile Activity Log to import time logged against backlog item tasks to avoid double entry.
Do more, and in less time! Improve productivity...
Better time management to increase productivity


"When interfaced with our company’s other management tools, such as payroll, Sciforma time tracking is an easy way to reduce administrative tasks."

Time Management Solution Brief

Functionally scalable
Easy to use


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