Team Portal

In the team portal, team members can quickly see when and what their assignments are. This is like an “ultimate to-do list”:

  • Upcoming work
  • Calendar requests
  • Issues assigned to them

Time Tracking

  • Report actuals against planned on tasks
  • Supply remaining estimates of tasks for additional time
  • Collaborate with daily notes to the project manager

Calendar Management

  • Review upcoming assignments
  • Request non-working days

Agile Task Board

The one-size-fits-all workspace for Team Members/ Collaborators using Agile:

  • Review tasks of an iteration
  • Grab unassigned tasks or replace task owner

Demand Management

Requests and ideas repository:

Demands are the ideal entry points for various problems, requests, and ideas. Once classified, discussed, and reviewed, demands can then easily be turned into new projects, change requests, issues, etc.

Completely Scalable.

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