Project Work & Collaboration Management


Changing Workforce

New generations in the workforce expect routing processes to be digitalized and expect to be supported with contemporary tools, especially when it comes to collaboration.

Rapid Delivery Cycles

Since customer needs change quickly, extended project and program cycle times are no longer an option. Working through projects quickly depends on having the right collaborative delivery techniques.

Institutional Learning

The ability for a company to adapt and learn from experience – i.e. become a continuously learning enterprise -- has become a competitive imperative. Tools that support institutional learning have become mandatory.

Sciforma connections

"Connections" uniquely brings together collective data, knowledge and experience of the enterprise-wide team in order to make decisions that are logically consistent over time.

Streamline & automate workflows. Improve collaboration.

The importance of enabling great project team collaboration is self-evident. It leads to improved employee satisfaction, which leads to improved project success rates, which leads to improved business outcomes.

Sciforma provides innovative collaborative workspace capabilities for geographically and functionally distributed teams. In addition to integrated tools for notes, email, and notifications, Sciforma Connections provides a unique solution for connecting projects, portfolios, people and “work items”(actions, change requests, deliverables, issues, risks, lessons learned, documents and attachments) in an n-way relationship.

This provides a collaboration fabric so that sharing and communication of relevant information across projects, portfolios, teams, and time is automatic, learning is institutionalized, and best practices are replicated.

This makes it possible to navigate seamlessly between related business cases, risks, documents, and projects, to make better informed and supported decisions. At the same time, decisions leverage the collective knowledge and experience of a collaborative and distributed team.

Work together in 1 place & maximize success with Sciforma project work & collaboration management features
Bring your team together in one innovative & collaborative workspace

Sciforma will enable your team to centralize their work and communicate efficiently anywhere, at any time:

  • Manage work items (actions, change requests, deliverables, issues, risks, lessons learned, documents and attachments) from the perspective of the initiator or assignee.
  • Attach and access documents at portfolio, project or work package levels.
  • Support simple in-context communications with project stakeholders. Manage the to-do or steps (mostly derived from another element such as an Issue or Risk) in projects.
Gain visibility on your project progress & see real results

Follow your teams’ work and know the status of each project at all times.

  • Provide project, product and program managers with instant visibility into their relevant “surroundings” such as connected people, teams, and project data.
  • Track and resolve problems, events, bugs, enhancements, feature requests, etc.
  • Process major changes to the initial/current scope of the parent object.
  • Track and manage completion of a project or a task.
  • Identify and act on operational risks that may impact project delivery dates, budget, or scope and simulate the impact of risk scenarios.
  • Maintain visibility to issues, actions, deliverables, risks, etc. and their connections with the ability to flexibly add and modify connections between business cases, projects, products, programs, and portfolios.
  • Monitor portfolio status via a roll-up view of project work items.
Learn from past experience & create an institutional learning database

Centralize essential information and lessons-learned from past projects.

  • Archive and leverage information and institutional learning such as successful and unsuccessful practices for future endeavors.

The collaboration tool is extremely valuable. We are able to set up a workflow so that each team member is responsible for his or her specific part. The program provides high visibility to everybody, which facilitates monitoring the status and progress of projects. This is especially useful to senior management for budget tracking, managing risk and managing decisions.

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Project Work and Collaboration Management Solution Brief

Functionally scalable
Easy to use


Centralize your data in a powerful tool