Selecting Projects for the Pipeline, by Harvey A. Levine

Many firms get started in implementing a project portfolio management process by first reviewing their current portfolio, eliminating a significant portion of their project load and making room to add more valuable projects.

There is more to PPM than selecting projects. But it all starts here and it’s the most important part. 

Engaging the Project Portfolio Management Process by Harvey A. Levine

In this eBook, PPM expert Harvey A. Levine explores:

  • the selection of projects for the pipeline,
  • the evaluation of candidate projects,
  • the pre-qualification process,
  • value, benefits & risk ranking,
  • and more considerations designed to help you build a portfolio that will maximize the contribution of projects to the success of the firm.

About the author

Harvey A. Levne, with six decades of service to the project management industry, is a pioneer in the field of Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Mr. Levine is the author of three books, and over 300 articles, white papers, and videos on Project Management. His book “Practical Project Management: Tips, Tactics, and Tools” from 2002, is still available from John Wiley & Sons. Mr. Levine’s book “Project Portfolio Management, A Practical Guide to Selecting Partners, Managing Portfolios, and Maximizing Benefits”, which was published in 2005, is a Wiley bestseller. Mr. Levine is the past president and chair of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and a PMI Fellow. He can be contacted at

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