Watch this on-demand webinar to discover a real world COVID response success story from Great Rivers Greenway.

When facing a fast-changing economic environment caused by a widespread pandemic, it is especially important to react to and change the priorities of a project portfolio quickly and effectively.

Learn how Great Rivers Greenway was able to swiftly shift their priorities over a month of rapidly changing social and economic challenges thanks to the readily available, centralized project data.

Hear from the Chief of Projects and the consultant PMO to discover how Great Rivers Greenway is leveraging Sciforma PPM to:

  • Rapidly pivot to a new work-from-home project management and execution routine
  • Have a portfolio overview and priority roadmap to react and make fast decisions
  • Easily reprioritize every project and project stage to be able to plan for revenue change scenarios
  • Put in place a proactive plan that will factor in today’s “new normal” and prepare for a new future

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