Paris (March 31, 2021). PPM software provider Sciforma today announced the company has been acquired by Symphony Technology Group (“STG”). A Palo Alto-based private equity firm, STG invests in the software, data analytics, and software-enabled technology services sectors.

Over 35 years, Sciforma became an industry-leading company, with robust solutions for a strong customer base,” said Yann Le Bihan, the current co-CEO and founder of Sciforma. “Now, with the acquisition by STG, Sciforma gains the financial backing to take the company to the next level.

While there will be no immediate changes for our customers, the new leadership will bring exciting opportunities. Particularly for higher ROI and accelerated digital transformation,” noted current co-CEO Jerome Anres.

The new Sciforma management team will include seasoned technology veterans Doug Braun as CEO and Laurent De Kimpe as CFO. In order to ensure a smooth transition, Anres and Le Bihan will transition duties to Braun and De Kimpe.

Symphony Technology Group philosophy

STG’s philosophy is to create value at the intersection of data, software and analytics. The group understands that successful leaders in the digital economy expect to have PPM software that enables strategic priorities,” said new Sciforma CEO Doug Braun. “We are impressed with the Sciforma platform, and immediately recognized the potential synergies – particularly in terms of AI and automation – with STG expertise and related investments.

Collaborative work and portfolio management software is a core enabling technology within global organizations which connects strategy to execution, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Doug and Laurent are highly successful software executives who we have known and worked with for a long time. We are very excited to back them to build on the value and trust that Sciforma has developed with its customers”, said Sunit Mukherjee, Managing Director at STG.

The STG investment in the Sciforma platform will strengthen Sciforma’s flagship cloud offering. Leveraging Sciforma’s laser focus on best serving customer needs with the new financial backing will further accelerate innovation.

Sciforma Symphony Technology Group

About Symphony Technology Group

STG is the private equity partner to market leading companies in data, software, and analytics. The firm brings expertise, flexibility, and resources to build strategic value and unlock the potential of innovative companies. Partnering to build customer-centric, market winning portfolio companies, STG creates sustainable foundations for growth that bring value to all existing and future stakeholders. The firm is dedicated to transforming and building outstanding technology companies in partnership with world class management teams. STG’s expansive portfolio has consisted of more than 35 global companies. For further information, please visit

Sciforma Symphony Technology Group

About Sciforma

Sciforma is one of the largest providers of Portfolio & Project Management software, delivering solutions to more than a quarter million users worldwide since 1982. ISO 27001-certified, Sciforma offers flexible and easy-to-use multi-platform PM and PPM software solutions. Businesses that have multiple projects from multiple clients (including internal customers) need to be able to prioritize efforts that will bring the best results to the company. Consequently configurable Sciforma PPM solution provides project managers and executives the ability to analyze investments, plan capacity, manage risks, and control expenses better. For further information, visit: