When it comes to organizational success, projects are vehicles for strategy, and therefore must be considered investments. With rapid transformation and innovation happening in every industry across the globe, it is critical that these investments pay off. For PMOs and project leaders, this means prioritizing project selection, project cycle time, and productivity, by aligning with strategy, better managing resources, and eliminating project waste.

In this eBook, we will present frameworks for improvement in all three areas which, if implemented, could positively impact C-level goals like profitable growth every day.

In order to gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing marketplace, PMOs must keep the following priorities front and center:

– optimizing project selection by ensuring business alignment

– reducing project cycle time by improving resource management

– increasing productivity by eliminating project waste

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Project Selection as a PMO Priority

A PMI survey revealed that, on average, “organizations waste 9.9 percent of every dollar” by failing to successfully implement and align with business strategy. Further, project leaders reported that nearly one third of projects failed to meet their goals, 43% exceeded planned budgets, and almost half were completed behind schedule.

In the eBook, you’ll learn:

Project Cycle Time as a PMO Priority

Statistics show that just 55% of projects succeed in meeting schedules. Consequently, companies see not only delayed time to market, but losses in revenue, savings, customer satisfaction, and market share.

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Productivity and Project Waste as PMO Priorities

90% of all office work is considered waste, according to 2019 research and business writer Paul A. Akers’ book, 2 Second Lean. Pervasive in most enterprises, project waste goes hand in hand quite clearly with both poor resource management and poor project selection. 

In the eBook, you’ll learn: