Are you encountering these challenges?

Not Having the Right Resources with the Right Skills Available to Expedite Project Execution

If you don’t have the right resources with the right skills available for your highest value projects and they are not working at the maximum utilization rate achievable, all the collaboration and automation in the world is not going to move the needle.

Both Idle and “Burned Out” Resources Impacting Productivity

Resource assignment is a pain point for many a company. A suboptimal assignment process will translate into overburdened or underutilized resources, into decisions based on incorrect, inaccurate or outdated data, into projects being launched at the wrong time and falling behind schedule

Inability to Forecast Capacity Needs Across the Organization

If you haven’t implemented a PPM software yet, your organization is probably dealing with a towering number of emails, phone calls, meetings, and most of all Excel files –  not designed for data consolidation

Inability to Forecast Where the Necessary Talent and Skills are Going to Come from in the Future

This may require sophisticated scenario planning and resource modeling to determine whether you have the resources to execute your long-term strategy for competitive advantage.

Leverage the power of your people


Focused Information System

A PPM software will help you see, understand, make decisions, and solve issues. Sciforma Resource Management enhances resource pool visibility and allocation control by balancing in-bound work demand with available resource supply (i.e. time, people, and money).


Establish Clear Rules

Excellence also requires a process establishing clear rules and conditions governing the assignment of resources across projects and activities: Who should initiate resource demands, to whom, when, how? How do you deal with the conflicts that arise due to shifts in projects, changing scopes, or resource unavailability?


Comprehensive Decision Chain

You need the ability to make timely and consistent assignment decisions, with clear line of sight to business priorities and strategies. You should also be able to make trade-off decisions whenever roadblocks or unexpected events threaten your plans. You also need conflict resolution mechanisms. And that process should be communicated and accessible to all.

Effective resource management starts with Sciforma

Sciforma resource management and capacity planning is a critical component of the Sciforma complete life cycle solution for portfolio and project management. It bridges project demand with project execution by optimizing the allocation of limited resources to achieve maximum delivery output and business value.