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Providing reliable and relevant data to decision-makers to improve demand management and project selection and to align with strategic business goals


Healthcare Project Management Software for the Wellbeing of Your Staff and Patients 

Healthcare businesses and hospitals aren’t like other corporations. Your patients’ data, safety, and security is held to the utmost standard, as it should be. Plus, with insurance, emergencies, different payment methods, various branches and offices, your projects move and operate in a completely different way than any other business. 


The issue is that many hospitals and healthcare businesses try to use traditional project management software– the same software that a marketing agency or a restaurant would use.  


Not only does this lead to major organizational issues, but it even puts patient data at risk. 


Sciforma: Made for Healthcare 

Sciforma is a project management software for healthcare businesses specifically.  


We know the importance of addressing your needs and tailoring our work to hospitals and healthcare. 


Completely HIPAA-Compliant Project Management Software 


Trust Sciforma to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. We are completely compliant with all of the strict legal standards for HIPAA and other governmening bodies in the healthcare niche.  


You and your patients’ information is entirely safe with Sciforma, so you can manage your projects with peace of mind. 


You can use our features to hide data from certain users unless they have special permissions. 

You can hide pages according to the role or individual who attempts to access any page. 


Your healthcare project management software should considers everyone’s privacy and hold patient data with the utmost security.  

Benefits of Sciforma Healthcare Project Management

Improve Resource Utilization

Get the cross-organization visibility into activities and the ability to connect projects to strategy


improvement in resource utilization

Improve Control Over Costs

Facilitate better prioritization and project selection decisions

Manage Complex Projects with Key Features like: 

  • Automatic Kanban boards 
  • Security measures 
  • Project progress 
  • Gantt charts 
  • Real-time updates 
  • Time tracking 
  • And more 

Data Security Designed for the Healthcare Industry 

Patient information is only shared with certain team members. You can update all access controls simultaneously according to role in the business or you can change permissions according to individual emails or names. 


Look to Sciforma Healthcare Project Management Software for:

Patient Data Privacy and Security 


Clinical Workflow Integration 


Resource Allocation for Patient Care 


Regulatory Compliance Tracking 


Patient Care Coordination 


Clinical Trial and Research Management 


Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring Integration 


Emergency Preparedness and Response 


Healthcare Analytics and Performance Metrics 


Patient Education and Engagement 

Project Management Tools for Healthcare Organizations

  • Create tasks 
  • Save time 
  • Your project management process is overdue for a makeover. Sciforma can help. 

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