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What is Strategic Advisory Consulting?

Our Strategic Advisory Consulting services help you achieve your PPM goals by partnering you with a Sciforma expert to assess and improve your current practices, develop a roadmap for success, and enhance the effectiveness and maturity of your PPM solution. In this way, we help. to ensure alignment between your objectives and overall business strategy. 

As such, our strategic services can help with a myriad of goals, such as: 

Organizations of all sizes, industries, and project management maturity levels can benefit from strategic advisory consulting—and many of our clients already have! 

“The support was exceptionally strong. In fact, that was one of the key differentiators early on. Rather than saying, just fit into our mold, our advisor actually said, we’ll help you to put innovative solutions together.”

Michael Stone Executive Director, Project Management UEI

How Does Sciforma’s Strategic Advisory Consulting Work?

In order to cater to our clients’ varying needs, we offer a diverse mix of Strategic Advisory Consulting packages, as well as ad-hoc services. Many of our Strategic Advisory Consulting packages follow a standard approach: 


  • 1. Review of current state 
  • 2. Determination of desired future state 
  • 3. Delivery of personalized guidance and recommendations based on business context 


As a result, we provide a documented roadmap, as well as strategies and approaches to achieve those desired outcomes. Following the consultation, your organization can implement our recommendations yourself, engage us to implement, or engage a third party (such as one of our technological partners) to implement. 

Our Standard Strategic Consulting Packages

PMO Structure Review

Is your PMO optimally structured? 


Includes guidance on typical PMO models. 

User Adoption

Do your teams and stakeholders understand and effectively engage with your PPM solution and its associated processes? 


Includes best practices, strategies, and guidance for successfully embedding PPM processes and technology. 


What is your governance structure and framework, and how can it be optimized? What is the right level of governance for your business today, and what does “good” look like? 


Includes review of the current governance structure and framework, and insights regarding how it can be optimized. Where no formal framework exists, this package includes a review of working practices and desired outcomes to help define an optimal framework. 

Maturity Scan

What is your current level of maturity, and how does it compare to your desired level of maturity? 


Includes industry analysis and benchmarks, and a roadmap for successful execution 

System Health Check

Is your PPM solution cluttered with unnecessary components such as custom fields, reports, etc.? 


Includes analysis, best practices, and guidance on how to best maintain an accessible and efficient PPM environment. 

Strategic Roadmap

What are the overarching strategies your organization needs to achieve? How can you leverage your PPM solution to ensure successful execution on those C-Level strategies? 


Includes review of defined business strategy and aligning a PPM roadmap for successful outcomes. 

End-to-End Scan / Review and Recommend

Can include any of the above 

Looking for something not listed above? No problem! We also offer product-specific packages (e.g. Resource Management, Forecasting Rollout, etc.) and ad hoc advisory consulting, based entirely on your organization’s distinct needs and requirements. 

Likely Drivers for Selecting Strategic Advisory Consulting Services 

You are looking to establish a new function or enhance the capabilities of an existing function. 

You want to ensure project portfolios are effectively contributing to organizational strategic goals. 

Your organization is undergoing significant change or transformation initiatives, and you want to minimize impact on the PMO/project teams’ successful outcomes. 

Benefits of Strategic Advisory Consulting 

Bridge the strategic alignment gap through expert engagement, guidance, and support on specific business scenarios or situations. 

Opportunity to engage with resources with a combination of industry and product expertise, for faster time to value. 

Reduce costs and increase revenue by identifying inefficiencies and process improvements. 

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