Ensure project success to drive business success

Financial Return

Maximize Productivity

Minimizing project delivery cycles is not possible without maximizing productivity, given that resources are typically constrained. The need to complete projects quickly requires efficient planning and execution.


Improve Quality & Consistency

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Making project status, issues and outcomes visible allows organizations to benchmark performance to improve the quality and consistency of project management processes and outcomes.


Increase Responsiveness

Responsiveness to the needs of the business and the market depends on project execution excellence, but this is gated by effective project planning and management.

Project planning and management as a driving force for the business

Project Managers: See Your Productivity Skyrocket

  • Gain push-of-a-button visibility to project status, scope, issues, change requests, project and resource inter-dependencies, performance metrics, and business impact.
  • Say goodbye to the plethora of Excel files and consolidate everything in a collaborative platform.
  • Easily plan out then manage the work that needs to be done, and the deliverables that need to be achieved for individual projects.
  • Stop wasting time looking for information and trying to figure out project interdependency impacts.
  • Automate administrative PPM tasks to improve productivity.

PMO: Create a Common Project Culture and Ensure Consistent Effectiveness

  • Fight the proliferation of tools and Excel files.
  • Make real-time project visibility available for all stakeholders, limit the use of desktop tools, reduce information silos, centralize and consolidate PPM information.
  • Achieve consistency through the application of common financial and reporting formats, KPIs and success metrics, standard methodologies, and templates.
  • Create an impetus for continuous improvement by comparing actuals vs baseline. Project managers are able to improve their next templates and be more productive.
  • Improve project timeliness, and increase market share, customer satisfaction, and revenues.

Align All Stakeholders

Through its role-based nature, Sciforma enables all stakeholders in project and portfolio management (Executives, PMOs, Financial Controllers, Project Directors/Managers, staff, Resource Managers, Customers, Suppliers, Sub-contractors, etc.) to manage their portfolios, programs, products and projects in a centralized way. Profile-based and individual permissions are used to finely manage authorizations and access rights to functions within the tool as well as the data in read or write access mode.

Enjoy Complete Peace of Mind

Sciforma is one of the largest providers of portfolio and project management software, delivering solutions to more than a quarter million users worldwide since 1982. We approach what we do with a commitment to working as a collaborative partner dedicated to the success of every client. As a cloud service provider, our ISO 270001 certificate testifies to our pledge to protect customer data and provide a secure delivery of our SaaS products.

Key project planning and management benefits and features

Project planning and monitoring tactics to support your strategies

  • Centralized Platform
  • Project Scheduling
  • Work Package Management
  • Collaboration Workspace
One Platform to Plan and Manage Your Projects

Use our all-in-one, powerful Gantt view to manage the project critical path, assignments (labor and cost items), financial transactions, deliverables, and risks.

Manage resource allocation including “generic” resource profiles for quick assignments and bulk fulfillments.

Manage resource scheduling and tracking, labor assignments, cost items, transactions, risks, deliverables, and steps at a task-level.

Generate regular or on-demand status reports with portfolio/program consolidation views, built-in audit trail capabilities, configurable KPIs, and subjective and objective indicators for steering committees and status report history management.

Project Scheduling

Schedule, set and plan all your projects in just a few clicks before moving to execution.

Lock a project so that it can be scheduled using templates if needed, with critical path/critical chain visibility.

Plan out resources to establish the optimal plan before publishing.

Work Package Management

Transfer authority to manage a separate specific section of your project without blocking the other tasks.

Delegate a part of a project to a local “Work Package Manager” role, including the ability to define contracts, KPIs, status reporting needs, and work package delivery parameters, such as deliverable specifications, time, and cost.

Create and use visual dashboards for conducting work package reviews of project status.

Collaboration Workspace

Use our simple workspace to collaborate with all your team members at any place and any time.

Create your Kanban view for issues, actions, change requests, deliverables, risks, lessons learned, documents, and attachments associated with projects, programs, and portfolios.

Update above connections on the fly while maintaining parent-child dependencies and other logical relationships.

Use the project methodology of your choice

Sciforma supports Agile, Waterfall, Phase Gates, and CCPM

Integrated Agile

Integrated Agile PPM enables the blending of agile and waterfall methods in a single project and the ability to create sprints, with budget points, baseline points, story points and project boards with task cards

Critical Chain

Support for Critical Chain methodology including Critical Chain identification, buffer generation, resource contention resolution, fever charts, and multi-project synchronization

Phase Gates

Support for phase gates methodology, including deliverable and risk templates, gate approval meetings and reviews, and status reports

Discover how organizations use Sciforma


“The reports and summaries produced by Sciforma also offer the advantage of providing quick and reliable access to data, which is key to respond and adapt quickly to market changes or new directions.”

Olivier Debieuvre, Project Planning Manager


“Having a structured approach and a sound planning process for tasks, deadlines, budgets, and work assignments is the only way to gain an accurate and objective understanding of our ability to take on and deliver projects of outstanding quality.”

Karim Bouktache, Project Portfolio Manager


“Simpler and faster operations have mechanically translated into increased productivity for the company. We have recorded a 20% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks.”

Frederic Authouart, Cross-functional IT Activities Coordinator


“We are definitely getting all the benefits we were hoping to get with a potential for more. Accountability has increased as well as the level of detail (both in planning and time recording) which leads to more effort being expended on planning.”

Adam Walker, VP & IT Manager

Discover our critical capabilities​

Sciforma has been designed to address key pain points which directly impact PMO Objectives/KPIs that align with the core C-level objective of achieving profitable growth.