Accelerate PPM adoption and time to value 

Stagnation is the enemy of progress, especially in the face of changing innovations and trends across industries. If you want your company to be a high performer, you need project managers, leaders, and teams who can quickly learn and apply new technical skills as technology advances. 


To help facilitate and enable continuous learning and skill-building, as well as mindset shifts required for effective user adoption of a new PPM software, Sciforma offers four types of learning opportunities for our clients: 

How Do Sciforma’s Learning and Training Programs Work?


Regardless of which offering your organization chooses, rest assured that our extensive engagement and training opportunities will benefit all types of users, including: 

Our eLearning program, Sciforma University, hosts a variety of online content, including hands-on walkthroughs, platform and functionality simulations, annotated screenshots, textual explanations, step-by-step guides, and more—all available wherever, whenever, and at each user’s desired pace. Content is highly interactive and persona/role-based to ensure the highest levels of engagement. 

  • Also housed within Sciforma University, we manage a robust Learning Library of videos, how-to’s, master classes, webinars, and other training materials, available via an annual subscription. 
  • If your organization would prefer more personalized training—whether as an alternative or supplement to eLearning—we also offer bespoke training, either face-to-face or virtual. Similar to eLearning, these trainings can be used to introduce new users to your organization’s particular tool environment or deepen the knowledge of existing users in key areas of functionality. 
  • For a more cost-effective alternative to personalized training, we also offer in-person and virtual public classroom training, open to all customers on a per-seat basis and predefined schedule. In contrast with our other offerings, these public classroom training courses provide an invaluable opportunity to learn from and alongside PPM professionals from other organizations employing Sciforma’s PPM solution. As a result, you can engage with real-time, diverse use cases and questions you may not have otherwise considered.  

For further information on contents, pricing, and more, for any of the above resource options please reach out to your Sciforma Account Manager or email 

Likely Drivers for Utilizing Learning and Training Courses 

You are looking to transition project teams to a new technology and want to mitigate resistance and enhance proficiency. 

Your team is looking to upgrade to a newer version of your PPM solution or integrate new features, and you want users to remain up to date to fully leverage these enhancements. 

Your organization or project team is experiencing employee turnover and is experiencing difficulties in training new staff on the PPM tool. 


Benefits of Ongoing Learning and Training 

Boost user proficiency by reducing the technological learning curve. 

Reduce cost overruns by accelerating productivity and eliminating time spent creating internal training documentation. 

Optimize resource utilization and streamline processes, thanks to a more comprehensive understanding of product capabilities. 

Improve communication, collaboration, and consistency via peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing. 

Enhance employee engagement and career development by providing flexible, relevant training for skills they need to succeed. 

Flexibility and convenience of connecting anytime, anywhere, allowing any style and size of workforce to decide where, when, and at what pace they learn. 

For more information, or to suggest new eLearning or training offerings, please contact your Sciforma representative or email: