Harness the power of
Collaborative thinking

Empower Everyone

The most flexible platform, designed for agility and configured to your needs.  

The best-in-class user experience and visual management based on intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly solutions. 

Break the Silos  

Every stakeholder can contribute more easily to the tasks that are assigned to them, has better visibility on the decisions that need to be made, and can escalate issues in real time, all while collaborating efficiently with other parties.

Gain X-Ray View

Know what’s really happening with every portfolio, project, and team process, etc 

What if all the different roles, teams, and departments could work together in a single work management platform with the same, real-time data? 


What's in It for You?

A Highly Flexible Platform

  1. Project details tailored to each role  
  2. Customizable workflows to fit your needs  
  3. Ecosystem-wide connectivity 

Best-in-class Collaboration 

  1. A framework to unify the process, with custom views for each team 
  2. Highest-rated usability and ease-of-use across teams  
  3. Role-based visibility across teams and portfolio layers

High Visibility Execution

  1. Drag and drop tasks, instant updates across the whole platform  
  2. Visualize alerts and gates in one click  
  1. Customizable views based on role  

Scalable Data Model 

  1. Real-time synchronization for large volumes of data  
  1. Views and workspaces for every role, from execs to contributors  
  1. Enterprise security with ISO certification & GDPR compliance 

Key Visual Collaboration Features

How Visual Management allows teams to structure, track and share progress on any activity (project, action plan, initiative, etc)

  • Tasks and Projects
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Mobility
  • Integration
Tasks and Projects
  • Task creation

Via the creation of a card, you can enter a task description , start and due dates, recurrence, project association, status, task dependencies, assignments, custom task fields, subtask creation, time tracking per task…

  • Task conversations

Contextual collaboration is possible in each project/task card through the discussion block where users can interact with each other. Communication between different stakeholders is facilitated through notifications: @mentions of person or group, push emails on a person or team…

  • Project creation

“Board” provides instant project visibility to various contributors and connect people, teams, and data. Describe the project, create custom fields and milestones, assign members, define project tasks and subtasks, chat about the project…

  • Project execution

Thanks to the “Slideboard”, the contributor can easily visualize his “to-do” through a KANBAN, whatever the projects and can manage all types of deliverables: meetings, documents, tasks.

  • Template by teams/projects

Template customization according to departments / use cases (HR, Marketing, Customer Service, Legal, Communication, Sales…).

  • Conversations

Contextual collaboration is possible in each project card/task through the discussion block where users can interact with each other or by using the share by e-mail.

Communication between different stakeholders is facilitated through notifications: @mentions from person or group, push emails on a person or team…

  • Team workspaces

With the Gridboard, the contributor or project manager can follow the progress and focus on the topics in alert. Views can be customized at the team, role or preference level to display specific actions to control, for example, alerts, tasks for the week… When a view is particularly important for the good collaboration of the members of a group, it is possible to share it but also to pin it in order to make it the main view for all the members.

  • Collaboration portal

Through the project card, members can collaborate, exchange, and discuss in real time, status,         decisions, results, distribute documents, raise alerts and notifications.

  • Real-time collaboration

The “Discussion” block allows you to discuss in real time and to access the history of conversations. The “Whiteboard” block in the map allows you to enter notes taken in meetings, to brainstorm, to archive incident management, to keep lessons learned for continuous improvement.

Document Management
  • Document storage and sharing

A project card hosts a customizable “Document” block allowing to contextualize documents with the descriptive information contained in the card.

This block can be composed of one or more sections useful for document classification.

By supporting all document formats (text, image, video, presentation…) hosted locally or via an external link (Google Drive, SharePoint…), the documents are centralized in a single location.

They can be previewed to allow the user to stay in a single work environment.

Contextualized documents through the card can be easily shared (url link, MS Teams, email) to ensure access to a single reference version, always up to date.

  • Responsive design and mobile app

Now with our newly refurbished Sciforma app, users can:

– Manage their timesheets directly on their phone anytime, anywhere
– Keep track of their submitted timesheets and manage them directly
– Get notified on upcoming timesheets submissions & never miss a deadline again
– Write down the time spent on daily tasks
– Send timesheets to their manager on a weekly basis

  • Integration with third-party system

Such as Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace or BI, CRM, ERP… allowing users to send and receive notifications, integrate content or dynamic dashboards, forms…

Example with Microsoft Teams
You don’t have to change to something/a software that your employees aren’t used to!

With Sciforma Deliver in Microsoft Teams, teams can share their notes, documents, and project calendars in Microsoft Teams! Teams can also manage the actions of the projects they work on, update statuses, and create new Sciforma tasks directly from Microsoft Teams conversation channels!

Business Benefits


Customers using Sciforma Deliver have reported the following benefits:  

Improved Transparency and
50 %
Reduction in preparation and meetings*
Anticipate Issues before they
become problems
50 %
Reduce time-to-market by 30-50%**
Project Risk
30 %
30% more capacity to handle projects***

*Anonymous source from large insurance company  

** Data pulled from Bel case study 

*** L’Oreal Group Manager “I stop spending my Fridays doing reporting, and my Wednesdays re-scheduling operations, I spend 100% of my time to help team to meet goals and I handle 30% more projects.”