The Organization-Wide Benefits of Time Management

Ensure Accountability

Tracking user time is an important discipline to ensure all project team members properly account for their project and non-project time, time off, etc.

Increase Productivity

Time sheet automation minimizes time users and managers spend on time entry and administration, so teams can spend more time on value-added tasks.

Improve Decision-Making

Data about the time and effort required to execute various project types can (and should) be a critical prerequisite for resource allocation, project selection, hiring decisions, billing rates, and project risk assessment.

Improve Project Planning

Accurate time and effort tracking improves project proposals and plans—including resource estimation, budgeting, and scheduling—by making them more data- and experience-driven. This is because project planners are better able to anticipate the availability of resources, which in turn allows them to better compare actual and planned data.

Sciforma Vantage Time Management: Key Features and Benefits

With desktop and mobile options, Sciforma Vantage's rich and intuitive time management capabilities allow Project Managers, Resource Managers, and project teams to do more, faster.

  • Leverage a two-step timesheet approval workflow for project and resource managers, with integrated project plan and tracking features.
  • Automate the time-off request and approval process.
User Experience
  • Pin tasks for easy week-by-week viewing and access.
  • Access time sheet on the go, from our free mobile app!
  • Integrate with the Agile Activity Log to import time logged against backlog items, thus avoiding double entry.
  • Track actuals and remaining time against planned tasks, with collaborative notes between project managers, resource managers, and users.
  • Track non-project time to enhance organizational efficiency.
  • Track non-working days already used for the year.

What Our Clients Say About Time Management with Sciforma


When interfaced with our company’s other management tools, such as payroll, Sciforma time tracking is an easy way to reduce administrative tasks.

Francis Lowe, IT Manager


“By making Sciforma the standard for time tracking across all projects, accountability went up and communication was improved. It was a real eye-opener for us. Now we really know who’s working on what, so we can really drill down to the details.”

Vladimir Skidelsky, Project Engineer


“Without Sciforma there would be a lot more micromanaging and constant face-to-face reminders of tasks and due dates.”

Monica Cecava, Senior Program Manager

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