One could say that, for the Project Management Office (PMO), change is the only constant. From its emergence in the 1950s, the PMO has been a dynamic, often-evolving function. As a matter of fact, the increase in responsibilities—strategy enforcer, change enabler, facilitator and decision-maker—may be one of the most urgent challenges facing the PMO profession. Yet PMOs are still urged to be more: more rapid, more agile, more collaborative.

In this eBook, we outline 7 major challenges impacting the PMO. With it, we highlight risks and opportunities, suggest concrete courses of action, and clear the way to the great opportunities for PMO leaders to increase their value contribution to the organization. In doing so, we hope to inspire your Project Management Office to become recognized business enablers when it comes to:

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As a substantially tool-oriented office, the PMO is highly sensitive to technological change. It acts as an organizational linchpin, coordinating and interfacing with various departments and functions. As a result, it is therefore accustomed to the evolution in organizational management models and techniques. Today, the PMO’s purpose and activities are nothing like what they were 10 years ago, and will probably take a completely different shape 10 years from now.

As the pace of technological change accelerates and disrupts the way we do business, and more generally, what “business” is, the PMO is at an inflection point and must reshape itself to stay relevant.