This guide is designed to help you plan the implementation of your PPM solution in order to ensure quick return on investment (ROI) and minimize organizational change.
It assumes you have already listed the key pain points you wish to solve with a PPM software solution, as well as the key performance gaps it should close. You may also have already selected a specific software solution to cater to your PPM needs.
But before you even start the procurement process, you should chart your implementation plan. It should be incremental and scalable in order to ensure quick ROI.
In the pages of this guide, you will receive:
– our suggested 3-step roadmap, including each step’s expected and quantifiable outcomes
– guidance for setting and managing change management expectations
– best practices for both PPM solution implementation and adoption

About Sciforma, author of Guide to Planning Your PPM Solution Deployment for Maximum ROI

Sciforma is a leading provider of PPM software, delivering solutions to more than a quarter million users worldwide for over 30 years. Boasting Project Portfolio Management, Strategic Portfolio Management, and Collaborative Work Management capabilities, Sciforma’s solution helps teams plan and deliver on strategic initiatives by making data-driven decisions about their project portfolios, resources, and strategic goals. All in one collaborative, customizable platform.
The company stands out from its competitors by providing the optimal balance of usability and robust functionality. Further, they support project team and executive-level portfolio management for solving challenges with strategic communication, planning, tracking, execution, and more. In recent years, Sciforma merged with One2Team (2021) and KeyedIn (2023), thereby reinforcing its Project Portfolio Management and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) capabilities.
Sciforma is headquartered in France with offices in North America, EMEA, and APAC, as well as a global distributor network. The service is available in seven languages.
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