In times of massive disruption and change, the temptation is to hunker down and wait for things to settle. Or, on the other side of the spectrum, take defensive actions that impede your ability to respond to the crisis. But as organizational and project leaders, change is nothing new; every day, we are expected to consider anomalies, allowing for both known and unknown risks, and modify plans and expected benefits accordingly. Times of economic upheaval and global disruption are no different, bringing about problems Project Portfolio Management (PPM) processes can solve—to those willing to see opportunity in crisis.

In this eBook, Project Portfolio Management expert Harvey A. Levine examines how the PPM process can and should support swift and pragmatic responses for organizations amidst widespread crisis. He discusses how to adapt portfolios to economic shifts in the marketplace while keeping an eye on overarching strategic vision. To do so, Levine identifies:

By downloading this eBook, you’ll be better prepared to identify and solve problems—and utilize your project portfolio management (PPM) skills to recognize potential opportunities created by upheaval—so your organization will not just survive, but thrive.

About Harvey A. Levine, Author of Project Portfolio Management in Times of Economic Upheaval

Harvey Levine is a widely respected consultant, expert, and author on the topic of project management. He is the author of 3 books and over 300 articles and videos. He is a former president of Project Management Institute and a PMI Fellow. With his 57 years of experience, he is an expert in Project Portfolio Management, Project Management Offices, Risk Management, Earned Value, and PM tools.

While on the board of PMI, he was instrumental in the establishment of the PMBOK and the PMP certification standards. He was an early proponent of Project Portfolio Management, contributing to its establishment as an important component of project management and authoring the first substantive text on the subject. Harvey also provided guidance to the project management software industry on extending software capabilities to support PPM.

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