The reason why many PMOs are not as successful as they could be often boils down to their inability to communicate and demonstrate their value to the organization. Value, of course, is an elusive notion; the term itself has become a huge buzzword. Creating value, adding value, and so on. But what does it really mean? What are we trying to convey or portray when talking about value?

This eBook is designed to help PPM and PMO leaders assess and demonstrate their PMO’s value within their organizations. In other words, why does the PMO exist, why should it exist, and what losses would the organization suffer should it be removed? To do so, author and PMO expert Hussain Bandukwala identifies:

Take control into your own hands today, and get started proving the value of your PMO!

About Hussain Bandukwala, Author of Prove Your PMO’s Worth

Hussain Bandukwala is the Founder & CEO at Parwaaz Consulting, which he established in 2014 after over a decade in consulting. He helps PMOs and other project portfolio leaders succeed through assessments, blueprints, coaching, PMO leadership support, workshops, speaking engagements, and other resources. He has worked with thousands of PMO leaders and executives to conquer their biggest challenges in meeting strategic goals, achieving operational efficiency, and delivering project value.

Hussain has helped clients improved the success of their strategic initiatives by 73%, shrink their PMO setup duration by 2x, and get their PMOs duly recognized by their CxOs.