Sciforma Named a Top EPPM Software by Users and SoftwareReviews

Investing in EPPM software for your business is a critical decision—and not a simple one. The decision involves a variety of factors, from features and price to innovation and vendor relationship.

Whether you’re looking to help narrow down your options, inform your evaluation, or reinforce your choice to bring on a technology partner, the Sciforma Buyer Experience Report from SoftwareReviews can help.

Download the report now to see why:

About the Data in the SoftwareReviews Buyer Experience Report

SoftwareReviews collects in-depth quantitative and qualitative feedback data directly from verified end users about their experience with top enterprise software providers. Its proprietary online survey platform gathers more than 130 data points on each product, allowing end users to thoroughly evaluate their experiences using the software, from selection through purchase and service.

Every review is meticulously checked through a robust quality assurance process to ensure it is submitted by a real person with valid credentials for using the software. End-user experience and sentiment measures revealing product feature fit, perceived capabilities, business value drivers, and the quality of the provider-relationship are accessible at both a high-level roll-up and a more detailed drill-down.

Software reports are available to download at

About SoftwareReviews, Author of the Enterprise PPM Software Report

With practical advisory services and a data-driven approach, SoftwareReviews’ mission is to improve the B2B software experience for all software buyers and providers.

SoftwareReviews’ pragmatic tools and detailed customer insights help software buyers maximize success with their technology decisions. SoftwareReviews collects the most in-depth customer review data from both business and IT professionals to shorten the time to decision and action for software purchasers and improve overall buyer satisfaction.

Combining deep buyer knowledge and experience, SoftwareReviews’ go-to-market practice helps technology providers better understand customer needs. Further, it accelerates planning and execution of go-to-market and product strategy.

SoftwareReviews is a division of Info-Tech Research Group (ITRG). ITRG is a world-class technology research and advisory firm with over two decades of research-based IT advice and technology implementation.