How can a project and portfolio management software solution help?

  • Do you want to identify and execute changes in strategy ? A PPM tool means visibility for better and faster decisions. It makes better insights available to more people.
  • Do you want to drive innovation and get your products to market faster? PPM helps organizations select products, resource projects, and execute product development and commercialization. Fast.
  • Do you want to allocate resources to top priority projects? Your people are your most precious resource. 83% of our users notice an improved staff utilization when using the PPM tool in their organization.
  • Do you want to improve project productivity? With a PPM tool, you can create internal and operational efficiencies.
  • Do your projects slip when it comes to timelines? PPM tools improve project timelines by 50%.

Track. Analyze. Optimize. Fast.



Measure against strategy, optimize performance, and adapt at the portfolio level.

  • Portfolio Control and Analysis
  • Portfolio Simulation
  • Idea Management
  • Budget Management

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Plan the work at the project level.

Project Scheduler · Project Business Case · Costs Management

Resource Management · Risk Management

Discover Functional Management Features...


Work the plan at the activity level.

  • Time Tracking
  • Calendar Management
  • Issue Management
  • Change Management

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Manitou: How real-time reporting speeds product releases

By implementing Sciforma 7.0 PPM, material-handling equipment leader Manitou is streamlining development projects and getting new products to market faster.

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Sciforma is an all-in‐one solution. Sciforma is entirely scalable allowing customers to dynamically turn features on and off according to their needs. User roles are based on what the user needs to do/see. Read only access is free for an unlimited number of people!



  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple languages: English, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Polish, and Japanese
  • Localization built-in tools

Flexible and secure deployment

Sciforma holds ISO 27001 certification, testifying to our commitment to living up to the highest standards of information security. An ISO 27001 certificate attests that an organization complies with the ISO/IEC 27001 international reference framework for information security. In particular, it guarantees that robust information security management systems are in place to effectively mitigate risk and ensure resilience of service.


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