Faurecia launches a new version of its PALM application with Sciforma

Since 2009, Faurecia, the N°6 worldwide automotive equipment company, has placed its trust in Sciforma to support them in optimizing its management of costs, schedules, resources and team collaboration. Francois Guillaumin, Program management IT Applications Manager at Faurecia, shares the development of the latest PALM application, carried out in partnership with the Sciforma R&D team.

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PALM, an application of the Faurecia program management ecosystem

Screenshot de l'application Palm de Faurecia crée à partir du logiciel Sciforma

Earlier this year, we have released a new version of our PALM application (Program And Launch Management), introducing a new capability for visual inspection of our products, preproduction. This was released with the intention to go ahead in our Total Customer Satisfaction initiative.

For this new version, not only did we develop a desktop version, but also a tablet version, allowing it to improve efficiency during our inspections, capturing the defects of the product, and instantly launching action plans for correction.

Facilitating issue resolution and product improvement

Screenshot de l'application Palm de Faurecia crée à partir du logiciel Sciforma

The first benefit is to capture the defects more efficiently from the tablet and being able to classify the defects according to our internal standards. Additionally, we wanted to take one or several pictures from the defect, for easier description. It allows us to also categorize the defect according to the different customer standards. Then, during subsequent meetings we can easily review existing issues in earlier product releases, and validate action plans for completion.

The second benefit is to be able to immediately launch action plans for corrections, involving the development teams worldwide, through the integration of our Total Issue Management of the Palm application, allowing us to share the issues with the program team, and manage the resolution according to the development schedule available in PALM.

Finally, the application allows us to take lessons from all programs, collecting and analyzing defects per product type or technology, and improve the quality of our product over time.


Development carried out jointly with Sciforma R&D

We are very proud of this new app in our Program Management ecosystem. We developed it jointly with the R&D team of Sciforma, developing first a mockup version in order to validate our user scenario during a live inspection review. Usability was a key target for us, so validation of the software and hardware fit was a must have. Thanks to Ludovic Clavière, Noémie Lemaire and Rémi Fermentin of Sciforma for their involvment during this development. This achievement is yours!

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Francois Guillaumin, Program management IT Applications Manager at Faurecia