All the abbreviations in Project Management Software

The world of project management consists of a certain number of acronyms and abbreviations. And it is not always easy to identify them. PMO, PPM, PGMO… Sciforma helps you to decipher these acronyms specific to project management.


PPM: Project Portfolio Management – Project portfolio management

This first acronym simply designates project portfolio management. We often talk about PPM software (to replace project portfolio management software because it’s always a bit long to write). Sciforma is for example a PPM software which allows you to prioritize, select and monitor a set of projects (project portfolio). PPM can also be used to designate the Project Portfolio Manager.

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PMO: Project Management Office

What does PMO stand for? PMO acronym stands for Project Management Office (or Project Management Officer, sometimes even Portfolio Management Office). It’s the department or person responsible for managing projects at the portfolio level. Among other tasks, the PMO sets project management standards, ensures strategic alignment of launched projects, oversees the general health of the portfolio, and manages information reporting and centralization. If you are thinking of starting a PMO in your business, check out our infographic.


EPMO: Enterprise Project Management Office – Enterprise Project Management Office

The Enterprise Project Management Office is an enterprise-level project management office. EPMOs are often set up in companies with an international reach that manage projects on a larger scale. The EPMO supervises and supports the PMO network and ensures that each department follows the same standards. According to the PMI Pulse of the Profession 2017, half of the companies that have a PMO have also established an EPMO.

PGMO: Program Management Office

The Program Management Office is a department which has substantially the same functions as a PMO. However, instead of managing project portfolios, it manages program portfolios and has to ensure their overall achievement and alignment with company strategy. In very large companies, it may happen that PMOs are placed within another project management acronym: PgMOs.


PPMO: Project Portfolio Management Office

The Project Portfolio Management Office will bring together projects, project & program portfolios. This is a very large-scale management that will be implemented within companies that have a high degree of maturity in project management. The PPMO must ensure that projects, portfolios and programs meet the objectives of the business.

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