Short-term ROI, key to a successful deployment of a project portfolio management tool

Implementation planning is a crucial step in the process of acquiring a project portfolio management solution. Whatever the quality and thoroughness of the work carried out to analyze the organization needs, to convince the management of the approach relevance, even to select a technology, the orchestration of the tool and functionality implementation can make or break the success of your initiative.

In fact, during the implementation phase, the tool promises will be directly confronted with the users expectations and experiences. Getting your organization to change its project management practices to adopt a new solution and new methods requires something to be compensated. However, the perspective of medium- to long-term benefits, as important as they are, will never be as encouraging as the reality of small concrete improvements that facilitate daily work and advance short-term results.

This is why the implementation plan for your project management solution must be designed so that you can display a rapid return on investment.


Show concrete results to encourage the adoption of your project management solution

Business Cases and other projections used to communicate your investment project in a software solution may be relentless, but they remain in the realm of theory. When you start to put your tool into practice, your stakeholders will expect visible and tangible benefits.

This is true for the teams - whether they are project managers or other collaborators working on projects and brought to use the tool - who will be eager to see their daily life simplified and accelerated by your new project management software. This also applies to the leaders of the organization, who will want to see the benefits in terms of productivity and profitability.

The best way to remove the obstacles to adoption is therefore to ensure that your deployment plan offers a noticeable added value for your stakeholders.


The importance of turnkey project management functionalities

This added value must be visible immediately, from the launch of the tool. "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush": popular wisdom has very well formalized this cognitive bias by which we humans tend to overvalue the immediate value compared to the deferred value.

It is therefore important to prioritize the deployment of devices that will bear fruit in the next few weeks or months, and will allow you to display rapid results - for example, the elimination of waste associated with tasks without added value. You should quickly be able to show the difference between the " before " and the " after " the implementation of the tool. To do so, a tool offering turnkey functionalities, requiring only a simple configuration, and not a complex configuration, can give you a head start.


A gradual approach to facilitate the adoption of your project management solution

These ROI functionalities must also be simple and intuitive from the start in order to facilitate the transition for users. In general, a roadmap following a gradual approach will facilitate change management: start by activating easy-to-use functionalities, which will allow users to familiarize themselves with the tool and get used to using it. daily, before adding more sophisticated bricks as you go.

The partner from whom you will acquire a technology will be able to put his experience at your service and offer you proven recipes to develop an effective implementation plan, capable of accelerating the ROI of your investment in a project portfolio management solution.

At Sciforma, we have thus developed a detailed roadmap, proposing an incremental implementation in three stages. Download our guide "How to get a quick return on investment from your project portfolio management software?"


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