OVHcloud: Supporting and accelerating growth by securing the governance of enterprise-wide strategic plans


Since 2010, OVHcloud, the European leader in cloud computing, has recorded double-digit average growth. To support its growth, OVHcloud launched the Delivery Engagement Program in 2019.

Delivery Engagement is one of OVHcloud’s fundamental strategic programs. Its objective is to make delivery more reliable and faster by making project management more solid. To achieve this, the program is based on 3 pillars:

  • Support growth in projects through culture and strategy of OVHcloud project portfolio management with the arrival of a key player: the Portfolio Project Manager who implements a new methodology and manages his portfolio.
  • Strengthen the ability to deliver with a common project methodology that can also be customized by business units
  • Deploy a tool that ensures cross-functionality and synchronization throughout the company.

The Delivery Engagement Program needs to provide precise planning of projects and activities to deliver in line with objectives with better load management.

Support double-digit growth and accelerate Delivery with the governance of all OVHcloud Strategic Programs in Sciforma

“OVHcloud continues to grow very fast, we even talk about hypergrowth, which makes project management very important. There are more and more activities that need to be organized, and at the same time, the company needs to be structured and grow, which means it needs to be transformed.

This requires a need in coordination, methodology, and tools that OVHcloud must be able to put in place quickly to not only guarantee its growth but also to accelerate it.

Frederic ETHEVE
Chief Operating Officer, OVHcloud


  • Have a common Work & Projects platform for PPM, Projects Managers, Managers and all teams.
  • Provide visibility on portfolios and workload to decision makers, executive committee members and teams… to decide and prioritize.
  • Support growth through the rapid adoption of new practices in an easy-to-use tool that facilitates the work of those who deliver projects.

“The real sign for me that we made the right choice of partner is the deployment, which accelerated very quick: not only did we have strong adoption by the IT teams, but very quickly other teams came to find out how they could be added to this transformation as soon as possible, and they were very quickly brought on board at different levels of the hierarchy, from Comex to the teams. When the teams ask for it, then we know that we are meeting a real need and that we are really bringing value.

Frederic ETHEVE
Chief Operating Officer, OVHcloud

Why did OVHcloud choose Sciforma (previously One2Team)?

When OVHcloud was looking for a platform to implement its project portfolio management, the number of projects had increased exponentially: OVHcloud needed tools to manage the governance of its strategic projects.

Sciforma (previously One2Team) was first deployed for the IT Department and the Delivery Engagement Program.
The collaborative Sciforma Vantage platform quickly attracted users from other Business units, who immediately adopted it, generating interest with managers. The platform’s ability to integrate heterogeneous projects and processes allowed OVHcloud to deploy Sciforma to other departments (Product, Industry) in a very short time so that they could in turn manage their strategic programs.
Today, Sciforma has become the governance platform for all OVHcloud’s strategic programs.

Immediate deployment

Customizable and modular, Sciforma Vantage address the challenges and specificities of different departments. OVHcloud directly moved its project process into the platform by adapting it to the needs of its users with their own business vocabulary.

Rapid adoption

The intuitiveness of the interface for the management of workload plans and resources was one of the decisive criteria for selection: rapid adoption is key because there was a small time window to build the roadmaps and thus meet OVHcloud delivery objectives.

Harmonization & acceleration

With Sciforma’s Templates, OVHcloud will synchronize and pace its projects: more globally, this will help structure the management of its project portfolio strategy.

Within a year, Sciforma will be deployed to the entire IT department, the entire Product department, and part of the Industry department.
After these initial deployments,Sciforma will be extended to other departments with different types of projects, some of which are much more industrial with their own methodologies.

Results: 75% of OVHcloud projects are already managed in Sciforma, and two-thirds of these projects use a common methodology, allowing the implementation of indicators that allow managers and members of the Comex to better prioritize projects.

“When deploying methodologies, tools, project management platforms, what’s important is that the teams adhere and can really take ownership of the methodologies and the tool.

Frederic ETHEVE
Chief Operating Officer, OVHcloud


  • Deployment of Sciforma in the IT, Operations, Industry, Tech et Sales & Marketing departments
  • 3/4 of OVHcloud projects are managed in Sciforma
  • 2/3 of projects use a common methodology
  • Complete IAS38 process reviewed in less than 4 weeks
  • Integration to third-party business tools and management software

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