Embracing the Cloud to Gain Productivity: Vitesco Technologies’ Product Line 2-Wheeler & Powersports cuts time spent accessing data by a factor of 10

Company Overview

Industry: Technology

Revenue (2021): €8.3bn

Headquarters: Regensburg, Germany

Employees: 37,000

Website: www.vitesco-technologies.com

Sciforma: A key Factor to Support Business Growth

Vitesco Technologies is an international leader in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge technology for sustainable mobility. The 2-Wheeler & Powersports Product Line develops intelligent and sustainable solutions for two-wheel vehicles.   

Several years of rapid growth have pushed for the need to hire extra staff, including staff with rare specialized skills, which requires an elongated recruitment process — reinforcing the importance of planning ahead of time. The necessity to improve visibility into capacity and staffing needs was a key driver of the implementation of Sciforma in 2015.  

After a few years with Sciforma, the results speak for themselves. More than just a Project Management platform, Sciforma offers an integrated solution to connect resource management with project and finance management. The tool’s ability to align project costs, deadlines, and resources provides Vitesco Technologies’ 2-Wheeler and Powersports Product Line with the high-level view they need to make more insightful decisions faster and to optimize recruitment in order to support sustainable growth. 

“With our international scope, recruitment decisions are even more complex. We really needed a tool like Sciforma to align costs, deadlines and resources in order to support our growth.”

David Barandiaran, Planungskoordination und SCIFORMA-Administrator,
2-Wheeler & Powersports Product Line of Vitesco Technologies

2022: The Product Line 2-Wheeler & Powersports of Vitesco Technologies Accelerates with Sciforma Cloud

The Product line had started with Sciforma 6 on premises. They took advantage of their migration to Sciforma 7.1 to switch to the SNET offering of the software vendor in order to use the solution as SaaS.

A market review and a business case demonstrated the ability of Sciforma’s cloud to reduce data access times by a factor of 10 — including at sites that are geographically distant from the headquarters, where the servers used to be located. 

What is more, signing a service agreement with contractual commitments has enabled the 2-Wheeler & Powersports Product Line of Vitesco Technologies to outsource the burden of managing servers internally while improving the predictability of quality of service and keeping costs in check.

“SNET offers us significantly greater responsiveness and flexibility. We are dividing the time spent accessing and handling the data by 10: the gains in terms of productivity — and therefore profitability — are colossal.”

David Barandiaran, Planning Coordination and SCIFORMA Administrator,
2-Wheeler & Powersports Product Line of Vitesco Technologies

For a group such as Vitesco Technologies, which manages highly sensitive projects, the decision to move to the cloud was not taken lightly. But Sciforma, with its ISO 27001 certification, met all the standards in terms of cybersecurity and personal data protection and lived up to the group’s stringent requirements.

Next Steps

The migration also provides an opportunity to optimize and standardize user practices. David Barandiaran now plans to focus on training, support, and leveling up on Sciforma usage, especially for newcomers (as the payroll is growing by almost 15% per year). 


“I always try to find new ways to package training and knowledge transfer programs in order to rejuvenate the experience,: for example, “training cafés”, bloopers reels, events, and more. It is important to incentivize people to learn!”

David Barandiaran, Planning Coordination and SCIFORMA Administrator,
2-Wheeler & Powersports Product Line of Vitesco Technologies

Finally, once the foundation is solid, the Sciforma administrator plans to activate the tool’s demand management and portfolio management capabilities in order to further fine-tune the management of project activity. 

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