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Enabling Enterprise Agility and Better Manage your Bi-Modal Portfolio

Webinar presented by PPM expert & consultant, Bryn Hughes discussing incorporation of agile delivery to a wider organizational portfolio.
ppm implementation guide

PPM Implementation Guide

How to select and implement a PPM tool - written by Project Management expert Brad Egeland
Recorded Webinar
automotive manufacturing project management

Webinar replay: Late in new product development? Achieve on-time delivery with CCPM

Agilea and Sciforma presents the benefits of Critical Chain Project Management for product development organizations, with 3 successful examples in…
trends in project management

7 Ongoing Challenges for the PMO (and how to overcome them)

How to navigate the 7 major trends that will impact the PMO
project management office roles

The Role of the PMO in Project Portfolio Management

Written by project portfolio management expert, Harvey A Levine, this eBook explores how the PMO fits into project portfolio management success.

Resource Assignment and Trade-offs

How to define and implement the right model for your PMO
demand management

eBook: Optimizing Project Selection

Optimizing the project selection to ensure project success before starting the project.
ppm brochure

Sciforma 7.1 PPM Kit Product Brochure

All about how Sciforma 7.1 delivers an integrated suite of project management processes across the PPM life-cycle.
Recorded Webinar
portfolio management visibility

Adaptive Portfolio Management & Embedding the Change

Aligning team focus with strategic vision. Presented by Bryn Hughes from PCubed, this webinar focuses on how to adopt adaptive portfolio management…
Recorded Webinar
IT PPM Featured Image

Webinar: Aligning Resource Visibility with PMO Priorities

Best Practices from University of Manitoba’s IST PMO
Recorded Webinar
project risk management

Webinar replay: Project Risk Management, Made Simpler with PPM Visibility

Sciforma's VP of Solutions discusses the benefits of proper risk management and a PPM system can help facilitate this.
portfolio program management

Sciforma 7.1: Portfolio & Program Management Capabilities

Learn all about how to improve Portfolio and Program Management processes in Sciforma 7.1 solutions.
time management

Sciforma 7.1: Time Management Capabilities

Learn all about how to improve Time Management processes in Sciforma 7.1 solutions.
pmoriding a bicycle

eBook: How PMOs Can Lead Change?

Understand how PMOs can lead change and follow a 3-step process to evolve into “Chief Transformation Officers”.
Recorded Webinar
jira integration ppm

Webinar: Integrating Other Line-of-Business Tools with Sciforma PPM

Agile waterfall hybrid project management technology

eBook: 3 Ways to Incrementally Adopt Agile

Discover 3 ways to gradually introduce the Agile mindset and methodology to your project portfolio management.
Recorded Webinar
see pmo value

Webinar Replay: Your PMO Value, How Will YOU Discover It?

Address the #1 problem that PMOs face: Value!
Recorded Webinar
PMO webinar on-demand

Webinar Replay: PMO Roles & Tools

Watch this webinar to discover the key facets of the PMO’s role, and how each can benefit from Sciforma’s capabilities and features.
project waste solution

How to increase productivity in your PMO

Discover in this video and eBook how project waste impacts value-added projects and a solution framework to reduce non-value-added tasks.
Recorded Webinar
pmo maturity

Understanding PMO Maturity in Your Organization

A proactive approach to progressing in project management
Recorded Webinar
business response to COVID-19 pandemic impacts

Webinar Replay: A Swift and Successful COVID Response, Real World Example

Great Rivers Greenway presents how readily available project portfolio data in Sciforma PPM helped them respond to the impacts of a global pandemic
Recorded Webinar

Webinar Replay: Managing the Complexity of Growth (French)

How Fonds de Solidarite FTQ was able to manage the complexities of business growth with a PPM tool.
Recorded Webinar
need for project management tool

Webinar: Do you have the right tools for your PMO?

An approach to determining if you have the right tools to manage resources, tools, priorities, and more....
ppm implementation guide

Charting Your PPM Implementation Roadmap

Step-by-step guide to ensure success of implementation and adoption of a new PPM tool.

Critical Chain Brochure

Manage your Critical Chain projects with Sciforma.
project management office value

Your PMO's Value: Show it in Your Organization

Assess and demonstrate your PMO's value with this eBook guide and 7-step discovery funnel
project work collaboration management

Sciforma 7.1: Project Work & Collaboration Capabilities

Learn all about how to improve Project Work & Collaboration processes in Sciforma 7.1 solutions.
Recorded Webinar
agile webinar

Agile to Portfolio: Speed is King

A Webinar featuring Forrester Principal Analyst. Building Agility into Effective Planning and Delivery Practices
project management office tools

Do you have the right tools for your PMO?

Unlock this eBook and discover the tips and warning signs that your PMO may not be operating at it's potential with the wrong tools in place.
Recorded Webinar

Webinar Replay: A Comprehensive Approach to Integrating with Sciforma

Find out Rego’s answer and learn about the standardized methods they follow. In this webinar we’ll cover: how to approach/plan an integration, how to…
how to gain competitive advantage

The Mighty 5 Ways PMOs Can Drive Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Impacting your organization's competitiveness in the long-term

Self-Assessment for Project Delivery Efficiency

A comprehensive guide to help evaluate your project delivery effectiveness.
Main image Managing ressources

Managing Resources eBook: how the game changed with Covid-19 crisis?

Download this eBook : How the game changed with Covid-19 crisis?
White Paper
agility project management

Agile or Waterfall: Why you don't have to choose

Why You Don't Have to Choose Anymore. Embracing a combination of both Agile & Waterfall to create your perfect methodology
Recorded Webinar
getting ahead of projects health

Webinar: Project Health Score - Getting your projects back on track

Sciforma put together a new Health Score Algorithm, based on the collection of a large amount of data, to helps PMOs react faster and get their…
checklist for project management office

The PMO's Checklist for 2021

See in this eBook the 10 check items any PMO should have, or is currently tackling in order to bring value to their organization.
select the right projects

Optimizing Project Selection

Learn how to align projects with business goals by optimizing project selection at the beginning of project lifecycle in this solution framework…
Recorded Webinar
project portfolio management agility

Webinar Replay: 3 Ways to Incrementally Adopt Agile

In this webinar, we discuss how Sciforma can help support 3 ways to gradually introduce an agile mindset to your PPM.
Recorded Webinar
what is my team working on

How to Tackle Your Resource Management Issues

Using a phased approach to improve resource management issues.
resource management

Sciforma 7.1: Resource Management Capabilities

Learn all about how to improve Resource & Capacity Management processes in Sciforma 7.1 solutions.

Developing a Business Case for Digitalizing PPM

A comprehensive guide to quantify the business impact of a PPM tool.
credit unions and project portfolio management

Achieve Your Credit Union's Vision: How a PPM Tool Can Help

Get an overview of the benefits that credit unions can get from an industry-grade project and portfolio management software...

Engaging the Project Portfolio Management Process

Download the eBook: Engaging the Project Portfolio Management Process!
Recorded Webinar

PPM SUCCESS: Using the Right Metrics

PPM Expert and Author Harvey Levine presents how projects can be evaluated and selected to maximize contribution to business success.
White Paper
fundamentals of project management

Project Portfolio Management Fundamentals - Using the right metrics!

Learn how the right PPM metrics can help in project selection to achieve the desired ROI
project and portfolio management return on investment and benefits calculations

Sciforma PPM Benefits / ROI Calculator

Enter 5 of your project metrics to discover how much you can save when you've centralized your data into a robust PPM system
idea demand management

Sciforma 7.1: Demand Management Capabilities

Learn all about how to improve Idea and Demand Management processes in Sciforma 7.1 solutions.
Recorded Webinar

Webinar Replay: Managing change when launching a PPM solution

Discover key considerations and strategies for effectively launching a new PPM solution: How to define success, and the importance of baselines -…
White Paper
manufacturing product development management

How PPM Solves the Digitalization Conundrum for Industrial Product Development

Discover the impact of digital transformation on product development organizations and how improving project and portfolio management practices will…
project planning management

Sciforma 7.1: Project Planning & Management Capabilities

Learn all about how to improve Project Planning & Management processes in Sciforma 7.1 solutions.
thumbnail for solution framework reduce project time cycle

Reducing Project Cycle Time

An eBook that focuses on how a resource management solution framework that can help meet project delivery deadlines.
ppm partner

Selecting the Right Technology Partner

A comprehensive guide to selecting the right technology PPM partner.
out of the box project portfolio management solution

4 Reasons Why You Should Conform to Your PPM System (and not the other way around)

The case for adopting out-of-the-box solutions...
project portfolio management global pandemic

Project Portfolio Management in Times of Economic Upheaval

Esteemed author and PPM expert Harvey Levine dives into how PPM is an advantage when the economy is disrupted by a global pandemic like the novel…
Recorded Webinar

[Webinar Replay] Resource Management at scale

Difficult to imagine efficient project management or operational and strategic portfolio management without reliable visibility over the resource…
Recorded Webinar
agile waterfall webinar

Agile or Waterfall? Why you don't have to choose

Watch this webinar to discover a bimodal approach and how to take advantage of the combination in an optimal way!
Analyst Report

Report: Info-Tech Research Group

Discover the study published by Info-Tech Research Group: "Select and implement a portfolio management solution for projects"
project management flow chart

Infographic: Should you set up a PMO?

Ask yourself these questions and follow our light flow chart to discover if you should set up a PMO!