San Jose, March 19, 2018Project Management World announced today a special event scheduled for 7pm on Wednesday, March 28, hosted by Sciforma Corporation.

Event Marketing Manager Chana Motobu stated: “PM World is honored to feature two outstanding session leaders, Ivan Temes and Mitchell Levy, in an interactive dialogue in San Jose. They will discuss the topic of applying collaborative leadership to Project Management.” Ms. Motobu, Cisco Portfolio Program Manager holds PMP, SCPM, and CSM certifications. She added: “Ivan and Mitchell are providing a great service for Silicon Valley project managers. We are fortunate to have them at this event and look forward to another successful turnout.”

Project Management World x Sciforma event: Featured speakers

Ivan Temes, the founder of Leadership & Loyalty, has been a public speaking and confidence-building coach for major corporations. His book “CARE: You Have the Power!” is widely available. Ivan’s experience in directing customer care teams worldwide combined with innovative and highly-acclaimed training techniques have brought about outstanding results in short time frames. He has also led hundreds of innovative confidence-building and career transition seminars for community organizations, shelters, universities, and veterans.

Mitchell Levy is the author of the book “Hey, Did You AHAthat?” The book became an international bestseller and the #1 Amazon book on authorship. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 800 books. Mitchell is a TEDx speaker and internationally bestselling author of fifty-nine business books.

The fee for the Project Management World event is $10. Each paid registrant can bring one or two guests at no charge. Light refreshments will be served. Attendees will be provided with a chance to win books by the presenters. Registration is required.

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Project Management World is a professional association with more than 1500 members in three online networks. It has furthered the careers of project and program managers since 2004. The organization's mission is to enhance the careers of project managers, program managers, project coordinators, and those aspiring to these positions. Project Management World also provides consulting services. Learn more at their website.

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Sciforma is one of the largest providers of Portfolio & Project Management software, delivering solutions to more than a quarter million users worldwide since 1982. The company offers flexible and easy-to-use multi-platform project management and project portfolio management software solutions. Businesses that have multiple projects from multiple clients (including internal customers) need to be able to prioritize efforts that will bring the best results to the company. The configurable Sciforma PPM solution provides project managers and executives the ability to analyze investments, plan capacity, manage risks, and control expenses better. For more information, visit: Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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