Project Scheduler

Schedule your projects with the Gantt view:

  • Quickly “draw” the structure of your projects
  • Identify job classifications required for each task
  • Review the resource assignments and solve resource overallocation
  • Update task progresses
  • Review the schedule issues and solve them
  • Synchronize with your Agile teams and iterations

Project Status

Track your projects! No more project slippage.

Assess the situation of the project in terms of cost, time, scope (Green, Yellow or Red) and trend (Up, Flat or Down).

Resource Management

Assign resources.

Create and manage labor assignments:

  • Filter available resources by Organization, Job Classifications, and Skill
  • Review the allocation of the potential resources based on their current assignments
  • Monitor Resource Utilization
  • Manage Resource requests

Idea Management

Build your business case:

  • Define all the elements to support a project
  • Build your business case based on estimated duration, resource requirements and criteria specific to the organization.

Review, compare and rank the ideas.

Issue Management

  • Check risk’s impact on time, cost and identify risk’s severity and probability
  • Communicate with stakeholders to define potential mitigation actions for each risk

Change Request Management

Check the impact of change requests on a consolidated dashboard:

  • Control, plan, and manage change requests
  • Monitor cost impact per change request
  • Open the dialog to stakeholders
  • Run scenarios simulation to compare duration, scope, costs, and resource requirements based on change requests

Completely Scalable.

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